What to Do in London’s Boroughs

Whoever wants to cross the channel to see one of the cultural capitals of Europe and even the world, you should visit one of London’s boroughs! This does not include the London Eye or Big Ben, but rather, the true spirit of the city.

London is not only the capital of England, and one of the largest and most influential metropolis cities in Europe, but also a special cultural standpoint, that reaches from the Beatles over to Shakespeare and beyond. Visitors looking to travel to one of Europe’s metropolis can find cheap flight directly on www.fly.co.uk. But where can you experience the cultural atmosphere of the city at its best? The answer is of course subjective, but it is certainly not quite determined in the many tourist tours in double-decker buses! A few places are worth seeing, but who themselves would like to have a real feel of the city, should stroll through these neighborhoods in London!


The area of Soho is located in the West End of London and still counts as part of Westminister. Think of Westminister Abbey! Contrary to all expectations, this area of the city was recognised a few years ago as a “sin area” due to Soho having so many pubs, clubs, and the local red light district. That has obviously changed in the last hundred years with the arrival of the jazz scene. Soho is now known for its distinctive nightlife, but during the day one can view there, for example, the Hare Krishna Temple and the huge Chinatown!


This central area is widely known for its squares and parks, from which many English gardens around the planet are modeled. In addition, there is also the well-known book publisher Bloomsbury, who not only produced the Harry Potter series, but also books like Eat, Pray, Love and The Rum Diaries by Hunter S. Thompson. The Kite Runner and The Dogs of Rome should also ring some bells. Furthermore, many other book stores can be found there, so that one can enjoy a dreamy afternoon in one of the parks and squares with a book at the ready.


Greenwich is especially interesting because of its architecture and classical buildings. In addition, here is the zero Meridian, where the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) originated from. So for those who would like to travel to the current center of the planet, or even the universe, should go right here. Moreover, this is also the most famous borough in London, because Greenwich was inducted as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

London Bridge

Although this area is somewhat touristy, here are some historical things and places that you should look at in any case. Here, one can drink in the same pub where Shakespeare got drunk centuries ago: the legendary George Inn. The Tabard was there sometimes standing near where Chaucer begin his famous Canterbury tales, but this demolished in the 19th century despite public pressure. The George Inn has been on its current location since 1676, but it is certain that it was already there before 1676. How long exactly, one can only whisper.

Brick Lane

If you are interested in good curry and international ambiance, this is the right place to be. There is a wonderful and colourful market in Brick Lane, where you can stroll, look and of course buy plenty of things from! This is due to the high number of fabric traders and producers who moved here from Bangladesh. Of course, this brought the curry. Earlier called the Whitechapel area, it is best known for being the location of the infamous Jack the Ripper murders in the late 1880’s.


If you want to sit in a cool pub, you should go to Shoreditch. It is described as “up and coming”, which means as much as it was once horrible and now it attracts the hipsters there. Which, not everyone sees as an improvement for all. There is no question, however, that this area is home to many cool, quirky and exciting bars and pubs. At night, Shoreditch is definitely worth a pint or two!

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