Ways to Save on UK Hotels

With tourists flocking to the UK, hotel accommodations can be quite expensive. Even lower end hotels are not cheap. With that in mind, before you plan your trip, you will want to consider ways to save on your UK hotel before you leave. It is possible to find accommodations without breaking the bank.

While it is always fun to be in the middle of the action, to save money, you might consider staying a little further out. Hotels near the hottest attractions are going to command the highest rates. With a little planning you can find a hotel just a few miles away for quite a bit less money. You will want to ensure that public transportation is available to take you from your hotel to the sights you want to see. Some hotels do have free shuttles, but this is something you need to determine before you make your reservations. Another advantage to saying a little further away, is that it might just be quieter as well. The crowds will be at the attraction and not your hotel.

If you are set on staying in the middle of things, then off-season might be the time for you. The crowds will be less and hotels typically will discount rooms or over free services during non-peak times. Hotels hate to have empty rooms, so call ahead and find out if they have any deals. Once at the hotel, ask for an upgrade. If they have a nicer room, you might get it for a small free or even for free. You will only know if you ask.
Another option is a guest house or a B&B. You will not find all of the amenities here, but you will find a nice room for a lower price. Guest houses typically do not have a concierge or a front desk person or a phone in your room, but if you can do without these extras, this might be the place for you. A B&B is somewhat like a guest house, but breakfast is included. Staying at a B&B or guest house is always a great way to get to meet and spend time with some of the locals.
It might surprise you to know that hostels are not just for kids any more.

The image of a bunch of college kids and their backpacks jammed into a hostel is not today’s reality. While there are certainly those types of hostel still in existence, there are many now-a-days that cater to families and seniors. You will find hostels that provide private rooms. Some even have bars and restaurants and provide breakfast. Regardless of which type of hostel you select, without a doubt, it will be the less expensive type of lodging you will find in the UK.

If you really want to save money on your trip, consider skipping the hotels all together and rent an apartment or cottage. These will also provide you with a kitchen and all you need to cook up a meal. This will help you save not only one the cost of a hotel but also on meals. Some of the cottages are large enough that several adults or families can stay in one. If you are traveling with friends, the cost can be split and the per night cost per person can be quite low. You can always share cooking duties as well.

While traveling to the UK can be expensive and hotels are certainly a large part of the expense, there are ways around those costs. Do not let the fear of high prices keep you from going. With a little forethought you can cut the expense and have a wonderful adventure.

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