Walking Tours of London

Walking around and mingling with the people gives you abetter insight of any city, town or village you visit. However, new places may seem a bit daunting for someone on a first visit and the best option is to opt for the conducted walking tours of that place. Walking tours of London exposes you to new vistas of this famous city; areas and stories that can captivate you. Some of these tours can take you back in history, send the chill down your spine, tickle your taste buds, and overwhelm you with opulence and much more…

If thrills, fear factor and chilling sensations are your forte you must go for the London Haunted Walks. There is nothing more thrilling than walking through the alleys and narrow streets of London at night; having a famous author narrating gory stories while your nerves are at tether’s ends expecting someone to jump you at every corner! Whew! If the London Ghost Walks is not enough then maybe the Spooky London Walks will have your hair stand up.

The Blood and Tears Walk give you a taste of the gruesome robberies, murders, conspiracy actions and witchcraft and serial killers of the past.  Last but not the least; do not miss the Mystery Walks which includes the notorious Jack the Ripper and Haunted London Tours. Each of these walking tours will transport you to a frightening time and place you may have never imagined.

The White Hart - part of the jack the ripper tour

On a more somber note you should join in the Original London Walks which takes place everyday and allows you to join in whenever without the need to book ahead.  There are about 40 walks that cover the highlights of London with a lot of classic history included. Walk along the Thames, or enjoy the Historic City Walk, or see Hidden London, or view Little Venice, or experience Hampstead. Your literary leanings will be satiated with the Shakespeare and Dickens Walks, walk the path they tread in the past and visit the hallowed precincts they frequented. The Original London Walks cost seven pounds and accompanied children below 15 are allowed free.

The City Sidewalk Tour has about 43 places to see which include the spectacular Wembley Stadium at a price of 15 pounds. Another interesting tour is the BBC Shows and Tours which show you around the inside of the studio and you may even be lucky to witness the recording of some special TV or radio show. The place is always abuzz with excitement.

The Tea and Coffee Walk is very interesting and enriching. It tells you how the first beverage in London was coffee so ‘coffee houses’ and then five years later came the quintessential tea and with it the ‘afternoon tea’. The walk starts at the Royal Exchange and passes through the narrow streets of the past commercial areas with astounding history of tea auctions and East India Company. You learn that the River Thames used to freeze every year and Frost Fairs were held along the shores; and floating coffee houses on the river in warmer weathers were common. This tour is organized by the City Highlights and is not conducted everyday, so you will need to check with the touring company.

The Beatles in London Walk may appeal to Beatles fans and the walk is explained in a small pocket book worth five pounds. You’ll see all the sights made famous by The Beatles such as their iconic rooftop gig location, Paul McCartney’s London home,  and you’ll of course get the chance to recreate the moment they crossed Abbey Road and have your picture taken doing so.  The Beatles Tour is a must for any music fan.

Recreate the world famous Abbey Road picture with your friends

The Walki Talki London iPhone Walking Tour is ideal for you if you wish to wander at your own pace and leisure. These apps work on iPod Touch and iPhones with a one and a half hour narration costing 5.99 pounds. This off-line self-guided tour starts from the Houses of Parliament and ends at the Tower of London.

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