Visiting the Historic Windsor Castle

Planning to visit Windsor Castle in London? Located in the English county of Berkshire, Windsor is home to the iconic Windsor Castle. This castle has deep and ancient roots, and is primarily notable for its association with the later British Royal Family, along with its traditional British architecture. According to, this castle dates back to as far as the 11th century and was built after the Norman invasion by the legendary William the Conqueror and has stood the test of time. Today, it is the longest occupied palace in Europe. It was only during the reign of Henry I that it began to be used by succeeding monarchs. Today, this castle has turned into an iconic London attraction, attracting tourists from all over the world. There are several hotels near Windsor Castle that have come up meet with the growing demand for accommodation facilities near the castle. The castle also includes St George’s Chapel, built in the 15th century and considered to be a pioneer of the classic English gothic design, which only adds to its mystique and elegance.

Windsor castle through the ages

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This castle was originally designed as a motte and bailey shelter against Norman dominance, with a strategic lookout in the form of a central mound overseeing River Thames to guard against potential invasions. It was gradually replaced with stone fortifications that withstood a prolonged siege in the 13th century during the First Barons’ War. Through the middle Ages, Henry III transformed this war haven into a royal palace and Edward III went further to construct grand building projects into spectacles worth marvelling at.

This castle even managed to survive the tumultuous period of the English Civil War, since it was used as the military headquarters for forces of the parliament and as a prison under Charles I. The damage caused was repaired by Charles II, which led to the creation of a set of baroque and extravagant interiors.

Present Architecture

Windsor Castle stretches across more than 13 acres and has in its premises the small town, palace and fort. If you wish to explore this area, book hotels near Windsor Castle, such as Master Robert Hotel, at the earliest for a memorable trip to London. After the fire outbreak in 1992, the castle went under reconstruction and got it’s Victorian and Georgian design. Complete with modern and gothic elements, this medieval structure is a contemporary reinterpretation of older tradition and fashion, imitating antiquated styles. It has a certain fictive quality due to its gothic and picturesque design, and seems as if a theatrical performance is to be held in its premises. This structure is today considered as one of the greatest Europeans architectural landmarks.

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