Unusual Attractions To Visit in The UK this Year

Being tired of theme parks and the usual, crowded attractions, I was looking around for information on some different kinds of places for a family outing when I came across some out of the ordinary diversions in the UK. The more that I discovered about these unusual locations, the more curious I became about the ‘stranger’ side of our imagination, and how we express it. If you’re interested in the more unusual alternative destinations, these attractions are well worth a visit.

The little people

An Irish grandmother ensured that tales of leprechauns and mischief were a feature of my childhood, and I know for a fact that many houses in the Gaeltacht area in the north-western corner of Ireland, across the border from Northern Ireland, have houses for the ‘little people’ at the bottom of their gardens. Imagine my surprise, then, when I found there is a special attraction in West Putford, Devon that focuses on gnomes. Yes, garden gnomes.

The Gnome Reserve & Wildflower Garden combines a little slice of magic with a lot of fun, as well as offering some interesting ecological information about ferns, wildflowers and grasses. Gnome hats and fishing rods are loaned free of charge to those who come to view the 1000+ gnomes and pixies; entry fees are very reasonable and there is a picnic area near the Gnome Kitchen. There are lots of other local attractions in the area, including walled gardens, a climbing wall in a barn and a falconry centre, and it was easy to find a place to stay with a little help from the expedia site.

By the pricking of my thumbs

Continuing the search for enchantment, an unusual museum in Boscastle, Cornwall caught my eye. The Museum of Witchcraft has the world’s biggest collection of paraphernalia associated with the dark arts of magic and witchcraft. This is not a trip for very young children of a nervous disposition, but older kids will love the amazing figures, letters, photographs and other artefacts, and the library houses more than 3,000 titles about the occult.

The Forbidden Corner

Strange goings-on are not confined to Devon and Cornwall, and one of the best days out the family has had was to a magical corner of the Yorkshire Dales. Originally a private folly, the labyrinth of secret chambers, tunnels and ornamental structures at Tupgill Park is now open to the public and designates itself ‘The Strangest Place in the World.’ The weird and wonderful sights include images built into the landscape of dwarves, spirits, bears, griffins, snakes and giants – to name only a very few.

Like Yorkshire, Scotland has its fair share of destinations that are famous for their associations with the faerie folk. The Isle of Arran is one such example; it’s a great day out and is accessible by ferry from the mainland.

Places to stay

Attractions in rural areas are normally within easy reach of campsites, farm accommodation and self-catering cottages, however after a busy day in Boscastle, or a thrilling time at Tupgill, a warm, comfortable room in a family-friendly hotel provides some very welcome respite for a tired, but happy, family. Don’t forget to book yours at http://www.expedia.co.uk/Hotels

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