Understanding the Craze of Football in England


Jesse Ellis Lingard was responsible for bringing the ‘dab’ dance craze to British consciousness when he scored in Manchester, says an article in The Telegraph, published on January 13, 2017. Children everywhere in England followed the steps, including Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, when he congratulated his dad on winning a fourth career Ballon d’Or Award with the ‘dab’ move. But what is this ‘dab’ dance move? The dancer simultaneously drops the head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture like they’re sneezing. Like this dance move, football itself is a craze in England, or maybe more like a fever. England has produced immensely talented and popular football players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney, David Beckham and Gerard, Lampard, just to name a few.

Officials at The Holiday Inn London West reported that not only their hotel but all cheap hotels in Acton are overbooked every year during the major football season at Wembley Stadium. So, whether you prefer football or rugby, the best way to take part in all the action is by booking budget hotels near Wembley Stadium & Twickenham Stadium, the world’s largest rugby stadium.

What Football Means to England

Cricket can be considered the National Sport in Englandbut soccer or football is the most popular sport in the country. The UK’s top domestic league, the Premier League, is the most popular and richest football (soccer) league in the world, with the highest attendance. There are over 40,000 association football clubs, involved in the sport, which is more than any other country. Wembley Stadium hosts major football matches, including home matches of the England National Football team and the FA Cup final.

Emotions People Undergo During Football Matches

Watching football can cause a dizzying range of emotions and England games have been a rollercoaster of emotions for enthusiastic fans. The split-second changes in the fortunes of the teams during a game throws fans from one extreme emotion to the other, leaving them drained and exhausted, much as though they were actually playing. Identifying as part of the group known as “England Supporters”, the fans are totally invested in their teams, no matter what their chances, or who plays where, and will react accordingly when the team succeeds or fails.

People in England prefer to watch major games like the England World Cup matches as part of large groups. Even if they can’t go for the game at the venue, they’ll congregate in pubs or each other’s homes to watch the game together. And when large groups are going through such strong emotions, it is only natural that there are some angry mobs that undergo an emotional state called “deindividuation”, overriding their own judgment and thinking, and going along with the crowd. It makes them more impulsive and less self-aware. That surely explains why there are so many fan fights, and even people screaming horrible abuse at the TV in a crowded room!

Whatever the reasons, watching football causes an adrenaline rush that can be very exciting. And if you really want to be in the thick of things and experience the madness that a game of football can bring, all you need to do is make sure you get yourself accommodation at one of the budget hotels near

Wembley Stadium & Twickenham Stadium, so that you don’t miss any of the action.

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