Tourist’s guide to Liverpool

While Liverpool is often overlooked among the popular vacation destinations in England, this city certainly has its own charm. If you’re considering a visit, here are some things you should know.

When To Visit

Liverpool is pleasant year round. However, in winter it can seem a bit drab and dreary, with frequent cloudy weather. That said, for the traveler on a budget, the winter may be the cheapest time to visit.

Getting Around

Liverpool’s City Centre is self-contained, and it is easy to make your way by foot. Cabs are also fairly easy to find for those with a specific destination in mind or where time os of the essence.

Liverpool has a good bus system. A one way adult fare costs £1.90; a day ticket is a real steal at only £3.70. You can pick up passes from the Merseytravel offices that allow you travel on buses and trains for a week at a time too.


Liverpool offers plenty for a visitor to do. It is wise to begin your trip by the waterfront and docks. This is in fact one of the most famous docks in England and many historical achievements have occurred here, such as the opening of the first wet dock. This truly is the center of the city and its economy and the root of its industrialization. However, it is also just a pleasant place to walk around, enjoying the beauty of the water and the shops and places to eat that surround it.

As many people know, Liverpool is home of the Beatles, and there are many attractions related to the band and their creation that you can see. These include the childhood homes of both John Lennon and Paul McCartney. For £20.00 you can enjoy access to both homes, where you can see where they grew up and the rooms where some of their early songs were written. Beatles fans may also enjoy the opportunity to see Penny Lane and Strawberry fields, real places that the Beatles frequented in their youths. Finally, The Beatles Story is a museum close to the docks which explores the band’s history, and is a must-see for any fan.

Liverpool also has two renowned museums. The first is the Merseyside Maritime Museum; the second is the Walker Art Gallery. The Maritime Museum is located right on the docks and explores the role that the sea and docks played in the creation and sucess of the city. The basement of this museum tackles the world of smuggling, focusing on several historical figures. The museum is free and open daily.

The Walker Art Gallery contains British, Italian, and Flemish works and is widely regarded as one of the best British galleries that you can find outside London. Admission is also free, and the collection of china and furniture is also not to be missed.

Finally, be sure to take in Liverpool’s two cathedrals. Liverpool Cathedral is done in the gothic style and is sure to amaze anyone who wanders inside. The stained glass is extraordinary. The Liverpool Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral is designed in a more modern style and is equally awe inspiring. Both cathedrals are open daily and free to the public.

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