Tourist’s guide to Glasgow

The largest city in Scotland, and the third biggest in the whole of the United Kingdom, Glasgow has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in the British Isles, for millions of people all over the world.

There is no doubt that these numbers will increase dramatically in 2014, when it hosts the Commonwealth Games. On the whole, Glaswegians are very friendly, and more than willing to assist tourists that have lost their way. However, they are also known to speak very quickly and, if you are not familiar with their local language, you might find it a tad difficult to understand what they are saying! If necessary, ask them to speak slower, and they will more than likely switch to perfect British English, to make it easier for you to understand what they are saying.

Glasgow is large, and there are a number of ways of getting around during your stay, which include strolling around on foot, catching a subway or train, boarding a bus, or hailing a taxi. Recently though, another form of public transport for tourists has been introduced to the city, in the form of a river bus, which collects visitors from the center of Glasgow, and transports them to various places of interest, including the Science Center, and the Clydebuilt Maritime Museum, amongst others.

If you are into architecture, then there are plenty of very impressive architectural marvels that you can visit, most of them absolutely free! These include the Glasgow Cathedral, the City Chambers, Mitchell Library, as well as Glasgow University. One must-see, and another freebie, is the St Enoch Subway Station. This charming building houses the original subway station, which now doubles as a coffee shop. Pick up a tourist’s guide to Glasgow, and you will notice immediately, just how many museums and art galleries there are in the city, many of them free, with the others charging fees that range from 6 pounds for adults, or about 16 pounds for a family.

There is much to do in the city of Glasgow, and those night owls who want plenty of nightlife, will be thrilled to know that pubs, clubs, and other forms of night time entertainment are found absolutely everywhere in the city. These places range from casual and cheap, to those that are stylish, with prices to match! Cinema and theatre lovers are well catered for, and for visitors wanting to add some humor into their vacation, there is the Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival, that takes place every year, during March and April.

Shopping opportunities are everywhere in Glasgow, where anything and everything can be purchased and, if you need a break from your retail therapy, then pop into one of the numerous restaurants in the city, where foods from all corners of the world are offered. If curry is your thing, then do note that Glasgow has been voted the curry capital of Britain, for the past two years.

Holiday accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets is available, from budget-style hostels and guesthouses, to moderately priced hotels and B & Bs, to high-end, luxurious boutique hotels, where the staff is employed with the sole purpose of catering to the whims of the wealthy!

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