Tourist’s Guide to Chester

The very attractive, historic town of Chester in the United Kingdom, is situated on the River Dee, in the county of Cheshire. Steeped in Roman history, the town has a number of historical sites from that era, such as the amphitheater, and the ancient walls that surround the city center. However, despite the fact that some sections of Chester are more than two thousand years old, it is not only its Roman history that makes it such a popular holiday destination, but the many other things too, that it has to offer.

For instance, there is the Chester Zoo, reported by many to be one of the best in Europe, which is an absolute must-visit for holidaymakers. Amongst many other animals, the zoo boasts an impressive collection of elephants, and has a one-of-a-kind bat cave, where visitors can wander around while the bats fly around freely. For 53 pounds, a family of four would have at least five interesting hours of exploring this awesome zoo.

If you are travelling with children between the ages of 2 and 13, then do pay a visit to Gulliver’s World, the theme park that has done everything possible in the way of entertainment for families. At just 21 pounds per person, which includes all rides, shows, and attractions, it is a great, fun way for a family to spend a day together, without having to fork out too much money.

Being a town that has so much history to offer, it is not surprising that Chester has plenty of old-fashioned pubs, where you can sit and relax in a comfortable atmosphere, while enjoying a pint or two, that will only cost you about 3 pounds. Bars of all types are available, some of which stay open until two in the morning, and provide music and a wide range of drinks, in a lively atmosphere.

All types of eateries are available in Chester, offering a wide range of cuisines, at prices that will suit all budgets. There are a number of places offering traditional British cuisine, where prices start from as low as 2 pounds, and others where for 16 pounds, you can sit down to enjoy a true American steak. If you feel like dining out in style, then there are several high-end restaurants for you to choose from as well, and takeaways too, if you need to eat something on the run.

As far as holiday accommodation is concerned, there are all types available to suit your specific wants and needs. Self-catering accommodation is a-plenty, with prices ranging from 290 pounds and more per week. Several bed and breakfasts are available in and around the town, some of them pet-friendly, with prices in the region of 30 pounds per person, per night. There is an abundance of hotel accommodation in Chester, including 2-star hotels, to 5-star, where your every whim and comfort is catered for.

Get a tourist’s guide to Chester from your favorite travel agent, and find out more, as to why this pretty, historical town is such a popular holiday for so many people, from all over the world.

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