Top UK Towns for Water Sports

Water sports are getting enormous popularity among the locals as well as tourists in the United Kingdom. There are a number of water sports available that are being played in various places all over UK.

Some places are more popular for their water sports facilities. If you are one of the people who are fond of water sports, we will look at top 4 UK towns for water sports:

Haverford West Pembrokeshire
This town is a perfect place for windsurfing and other water sports especially for those who are new to this type of activity. Dale is situated inside the Pembroke Shire National Park. This is known as the sunniest place available in Wales. The weather here is just superb for water sports as early summer starts and wind conditions are also perfect. The charges in high season are around £225, and in low seasons, the charges reduced to £199. The high season remains from June to August.

Hove East Sussex
Lagoon Water Park is situated near Hove on the South Coast. This is where British Open Championships of water sports are also held by UKWA. There are also some courses offered here to learn windsurfing and other water sports at a shallow lagoon and also in the open sea. This place is very close to the sea and famous for ideal weather to play all kind of water sports. The charge of a 2 day wind surfing course is £149 in which you will receive total lessons of 8 hours.

Tiree Hebrides Scotland
Tiree is a small town situated in the North West of Hebrides, Scotland and famous for Wild Diamond Windsurfing School. This town is famous for its flatness, which means that the wind is very smooth as there is no blockage that occurs. The courses and offers for the tourists are very flexible here, and one can enjoy as much as he wants. Normally they charge £100 for six hours and £180 for 12 hours of windsurfing from a beginner in which charges for all the equipments are also included.

Lilliput Poole Dorset
Poole Harbor facilities of water sports are situated at Dorset. This is another nice place for water sports where weather and win conditions are ideal for the tourists. Water sports loving people will definitely love this amazing resort which is situated in the Poole Harbor shallow waters. The charges are £89 for two sessions of 3 hours.

These are the top 4 UK towns for water sports where not only tourists can enjoy the water sports along with amazing weather conditions but these places are ideal to learn different types of water sports specially wind surfing. Those who love to feel the adventure of the sea this summer will definitely enjoy these fascinating places where you can see the different type of water sports at their best. If you are new to water sports, there are some useful courses and lessons that are available on these places. Tourists that are looking to explore UK water sports places would definitely love to visit above mentioned UK towns.

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