Top Places in Kuala Lumpur for First Time Visitors

Kuala Lumpur is a sprawling metropolis with a large migrant population from various countries. As a result, the first time visitor may get a bit confused by being confronted with the wide array of smells and flavours provided by the infusion of so many different cultures. So the key for any new traveler is to first know these basic tips to have a compelling experience in the Malaysian Capital.

  • Avoid visiting KL during the rainy season from October to February as it may ruin the itinerary
  • Don’t worry about communication because English is widely spoken and understood all over
  • The traffic in the city is maddening at most times. So take travel time into consideration.
  • Remember to dress appropriately and respect the beliefs of the places you visit.
  • The locals are extremely friendly. Don’t hesitate to interact with them.

The first thing you need to know once you have landed at the International airport is to how to get to the city in the quickest possible time. While a person may opt for a convenient airport limo booking right out of the building, or take a bus, there is an extremely efficient train service available which gets one to the city in under thirty minutes as against the seventy plus minutes taken by road.

KLIA Ekspres(direct) and Transit trains(with stoppages) connect both terminals to the KL Sentral station in the city and operate every fifteen minutes from 0500 hours to 2430 hours daily. Just make sure you book your cheap KLIA express tickets online in advance. Once you are safely tucked in, you can check out on these wonderful attractions which can give you an insight on the culture and the lifestyle of the locals.


Considered to be the Two Jewels of Kuala Lumpur, the 88 storey iconic Petronas  Twin Towers stand tall above the skyline of the city. By the side of the towers is the beautifully landscaped  KLCC  park with plenty of features for families and children.


They say Chinatown never sleeps, and rightly so.  This colorful place is not only a shoppers paradise by day but converts into a vibrant  street market at night. Around the corner are located two famous temples namely, the Sri Mahamariamman temple and the Kuan  Ti temple symbolising  some fine 8Oriented architecture.


This focal point of an annual  Hindu festival of Thaipusam , Batu Caves lie 11 km away from the city. The temple atop a limestone hill, houses two more shrines,  the Museum Cave and the Art Gallery, each of them holding numerous Hindu paintings and statues. Open daily from 0600 to 2100 hours.


These chain of Chinese seafood restaurants, located just behind Jalan Bukit Bintang, are considered to be the cultural hub of the city. The different type of good food available here, at the cheapest of prices is sure to delight you.


Also referred to as the Lake Gardens, the park holds the largest collection of flower arrangements and 800 species of orchids. Open daily from 0700 to 2000 hours, the colonial era building  showcases the hibiscus flower vividly to show its significance to the history of Malaysia. Within the heritage park, visitors can enjoy a tour of the National Monument, National Planetarium and Islamic Arts Museum as well.

Kuala Lumpur is a massive city with a large number of unique places to see and explore. So if you are looking forward to a popular layover hub,  tick out the above experiences in this totally diverse destination, which will not only keep you occupied but informed as well.

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