Top 5 Summer Holiday Destinations in the UK

With the sun finally making an appearance in Britain over the last few days, here’s a guide to some of the top UK holiday destinations.


Being the capital of Scotland itself, Edinburgh presents a multitude of sensory attractions that is sure to captivate all visitors. Its rich culture is highlighted through events, food, structures, and it’s breathtaking sights. Examples of this include The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which shows a unique and excellent display of military exercises. If that doesn’t catch your attention, you can attend gigs organized by The Ceilidh Cultural Group that aims to provide entertainment for the whole family. Festivals are what Edinburgh does best.

From fire festivals, book festivals, and music festivals, enjoyment is not far from reach for everybody. Edinburgh is also home to the Edinburgh Castle that has high historical value and is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. Stunning spectacles and sounds are constantly exposed in this great cosmopolitan city as it continues to expand its impressive array of activities.


A relatively serene location in North Wales, Snowdonia is geared towards making memorable experiences with Mother Nature. It offers a series of outdoor activities that include nature walks, hiking, cycling, bungee jumping, rowing and much more. Boardwalks at the Bangor Pier add to its luster along with the Traeth Porthdinllaen beach.

The Llyn Tegid Bala Lake is one sight to see as it provides a perfect backdrop to any trip that begs for tranquility. Last, but not the least, Castell Harlech Castle perches on a high point in Snowdonia, providing an icon of culture for the city itself. Snowdonia is a perfect destination for people who are itching for adventure and relaxation at the same time.


Apart from the various historical aspects that have been tied with the city, Belfast screams loud and proud, letting everybody know the culture of the Irish. Like any other cosmopolitan city, Belfast is packed with activities, culinary treats, festivals and structures that make its splendor shine non-stop. An Droichead, with its events and activities, is at the center when cultural heritage is in discussion. Albert Clock is one fine sight to see as well, challenging the more popular but highly similar structure of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Nightlife is very much alive as the Irish continue the tradition of drinking pubs and taverns, extending it to clubs and bars alike. What’s not to like about Belfast? With it’s welcoming people and an overwhelming amount of choices on things to do, there is no doubt, Belfast will capture your heart and keep you coming back.

The Lake District

Also known as the lakes, The Lake District is a mountainous region in North England. As the name speaks for itself, this location boasts a variety of lakes that are classified with one lake having “lake” in its name signifying that it is a major lake. Other lakes are classified with either “water” or “mere” in its name with water connoting a common lake, and mere an uncommon lake respectively.

Bassenwaithe Lake, Coniston Water and Windenmere are examples of such. A rather family oriented area; it offers bat rides, day-tours and activities that ensures fun for every member of the family. It also caters to couples who, are looking for a peaceful setting that evokes a natural ambiance. You won’t have to go far if you are looking for cultural heritage as well. Hadrian ‘s Wall is one popular sight that tells of the history that England is proud of. Overall, The Lake District is a place that captures the very essence of adventure, enjoyment and appreciation for this setting.


Recognized as one of the last few remaining parts of England that exudes a strong sense of culture, Cornwall acts as a ceremonial location breathing the Celtic history. Cornwall is an award-winning holiday destination as it has one of the most remarkable coastlines filled with quaint fishing harbours. It does not end there as the place begs for each person to tour the whole area that presents a diverse landscape.

With sights such as the Royal Cornwall Museum, it never fails to constantly remind us of how England built itself from its impressive roots. Not really known for outdoor activities or anything of the like, Cornwall maintains it’s aim to provide a scenic location that veers away from the normal hustle and bustle of the city life.

If you want to just sit back in the sun and relax, Cornwall is home to some of the finest beaches in Britain, so get your Ray Bans on and soak up the sun!

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