Top 5 Mistakes you should avoid on a Trip to London

Did you know that Victoria is the busiest of all tube stations of London? If you choose to stay at Central London hotels near Victoria Station, you can actually enjoy superb connectivity to the rest of the city. If you are in the city as a tourist, cheap and budget hotels in Central London prove to be ideal, not only because they offer a comfortable stay at reasonable rates but also because they are close to the prominent places of tourist interest. You can head to landmark destinations like the London Eye and Royal Albert Hall in a jiffy! Ideally, if you are visiting London for the very first time, studying the map of tube routes would be a great help. For instance, a Central London hotel near Victoria Station may also be close to other terminals like the Pimlico Underground Station. Unless you know the available options, planning your routes wisely would be difficult. Listed below are some of the other common mistakes you should avoid when in London for the first time.

Mistakes to Avoid on your First Trip to London

Even before you plan what you will do on your vacation, make sure you book accommodation at one of the budget and cheap hotels in Central London, like Sidney Hotel London Victoria, which offers you the best in comfort and amenities at the most affordable rates.

Central London

Apart from this, here are a few things to keep in mind during your trip:

  • Paying for a Museum Visit is Sheer Wastage of Money: The best museums in London are free. So, paying to visit one is a costly mistake, literally! Head to the best of the best like The British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Imperial War Museum and National Maritime Museum and take a look at those splendid works of art without paying a penny.
  • Never go to Buckingham Palace expecting to see the Queen: Simply because you witness the Union Jack Flag flying high does not mean that the Queen is in, waiting for you. You are unlikely to catch even the faintest glimpse of the royal family during your palace tour. The Queen is in only when you see more guards in red jackets and large hats around the palace. And even if she is in, it isn’t as though you would be invited to tea with her!
  • Never stand on the wrong side of the sidewalk or the street: Cars drive on the left side of the road in this country and there may be signs telling you to “Look Right” or “Look Left.” However, pedestrian flow is always on the right. And when you are on an escalator, you need to stand right and walk left.
  • The Tower Bridge is not the London Bridge: The original London Bridge is long gone. It was sold to Arizona long ago. There is still a bridge over the Thames but it is nothing unique and is much like any other bridge. This one is the Tower Bridge and not the London Bridge.

Now that the perspectives are clear, exploring London would be easier. There is the Gatwick Express for enhanced connectivity. You can also choose cheap and budget hotels in Central London that are close to other distinguished landmarks like the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, the Passport Office and Harrods.

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