Three of the Best Places in the UK for a Romantic Weekend Retreat

Romantic weekends away are important in any relationship. It is these getaways that can strengthen your relationship, help you to reconnect and spend quality time together. In addition to this, it is also a great opportunity to get away and see some of the most beautiful and scenic areas of the country.

If you are planning a romantic weekend away, here are three of the best places in the UK to consider.

The Lake District

The Lake District in North-West England is, perhaps, the most beautiful spot in the UK. It is the largest National Park in the country with rolling mountains, thick forests, epic lakes and plenty more. It is also home to a great variety of wildlife. This stunning natural beauty, and the fact that it is so quiet and peaceful, makes it a terrific spot for a weekend away with that special someone. It is a fantastic place for long romantic walks or bike rides, but you will also enjoy quiet nights in if you book into a retreat in the area.


The coast is great for romantic breaks as it allows you to walk along the beach, stop off for picnics or simply sit and watch the ocean. There are many superb coastal spots around the UK, but perhaps the most romantic is Cornwall on England’s southwestern tip. This rugged peninsula is famous for its sandy beaches and charming coastal towns. The South, also known as the Cornish Riviera, is home to many pretty harbour villages, whilst the North has popular resorts like Newquay and huge cliffs. Walking, surfing and cycling are all hugely popular activities in Cornwall, plus it has a great combination of lively towns and peaceful country retreats for a varied trip.

The Cotswolds

Located in south central England, the Cotswolds is an incredibly picturesque and charming region with rolling hills and quaint honey-coloured towns and villages. It has an old-fashioned feel that helps you to feel as if you are living in a different time – this kind of escapism is perfect for a romantic holiday. You could book into a country retreat from an organiser like Great Little Breaks and then spend your time relaxing inside, walking out in nature or exploring the welcoming small towns.

The UK has many wonderful spots for a romantic getaway as there is so much natural beauty in every area. There are many places to go, but for a really special trip away you cannot go wrong with any of the above three.

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