Things to do in Liverpool

If you’re thinking of heading to Liverpool in 2012 and are looking for inspiration for what to do when you’re there, check out our guide of things to do in one of England’s most historic cities.

Liverpool, home of the Beatles, unsurprisingly thrives on Beatlemania. So it should come as no shock that the number one thing you should do in Liverpool is check out all the Beatles-related sites. The best place to start is with The Beatles Story, which is a specialty museum that walks you through the lives of the band members, their journey to success, and familiar tunes from their records.

True Beatles fans won’t stop there. A quick trip to the Casbah Coffee Club is an absolute must if you want to see the real site where the Beatles played before they hit fame and fortune. Your tour guide will be one of the brothers of Pete Best, who was present for the group’s performances in what is actually his house. Drawings made by the band members adorn some of the walls.

The world famous Cavern Club

Although everyone is familiar with the more famous Cavern pub, you should note that the original pub was torn down and what now stands in its place is a rebuilt version. Of course, you can also see the homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, both of which are open to the public as historic sites.

Of course, there’s more to Liverpool than just the Beatles, so be sure to also check out the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The galleries cover four floors and give you a terrific impression of Liverpool’s history as a port. The Maritime Dining Rooms on the top floor are a great treat for a wonderful dining experience; they’ve even received a special mention in the Michelin-starred guide for 2010. Workshops are conducted all the time at the museum, giving you and your family a highly interactive experience. You could learn anything from playing an African drum to ship signals and Morse code.

The third thing Liverpool has to offer is the Albert Dock. Great for both kids and adults, the waterfront promenade offers picturesque views and a range of eateries catering to every taste and preference. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied, including a yellow duckmarine tour or a ferry ride across the Mersey. The area is great for shopping or bar hopping too. Art lovers will want to stop by at the famous Tate Gallery, which is also located here.

Liverpool's Albert Dock

For a walk on the wild side, make the fourth thing on your list a day trip to the Knowsley Safari Park. You can drive your car through the enclosures and see the wild animals up close. Kids, in particular, are especially thrilled at seeing the baboons bounding all over the car as it passes through.  Lions, Tigers, Rhinos and even Elephants can all be seen too so remember to take your camera.

Last but not least, you can get even closer to the animals at the Acorn Venture Farm, which has a special petting zoo on the premises. You can spend the day cuddling chickens, milking goats, taking pony rides, or hiking up and down woodland trails. Kids will also enjoy the playground and picnic areas. Since it’s a farm, you could even purchase meat and eggs or a potted plant from the shop on site. Just like the other must-see places on this list, this little farm will give you an experience to last a lifetime.

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  1. I recently visited Europe for the first time and one of my “must see” sights was Liverpool.
    The Cavern Club was a great place to have a brew and hear some great music. The Beatles Story on Albert Dock is really something to see if you are a Beatles fan. What a great city! I plan on spending more time there soon!

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