Things for Kids to do in London

If you want to get away for a few days, but don’t want to go abroad, of the best places to visit is London. London is one of the most popular places in the world because of its beautiful place, plus it offers a lot of free London attractions for the entire family to enjoy, most especially the kids.

A holiday or mini break in London could be expensive, so it is essential to make the most of your stay in the city. With the exciting and free London attractions, you and your kids can definitely have the most fun and unforgettable experience because London has to offer a lot of these attractions.

British Museum

You can bring your kids in one of the world-famous museums called British Museum. This museum exhibits the great works of man from prehistoric times up to the modern times from all over the globe. The highlights that can be found in this museum are the Parthenon sculptures, Rosetta Stone and the famous Mummies from the Ancient Egypt collection. Your kids would surely love to see these exciting collections.

The British Museum in London

Mudlarks at Museum of London Docklands
This museum has a huge play area for kids, ages 12 and under. There are so many things for children to do in this museum, as everything is themed around life in the London docks. Bigger kids can carry a tea clipper and weigh cargo, while the smaller kids can crawl around and ride a train and bus. Kids will surely enjoy playing in this museum.

Foundling Museum and Coram’s Fields Playground
The Foundling Museum is free for children to visit and play at all times. However, there is a small amount of fee for adults. This place have regular family events on the first Saturday of every month and they offer free admission for all visitors. Just near the museum is Coram’s fields, which is a central London children’s playground. Kids can play for as long as they want in this playground.

Hamley’s Toy Shop- Hamleys Toy Shop
Kids love to play with toys, so it is best to bring them in a huge toy store, where they can find their favorite toys. Hamley’s is the most popular toy store not only in London, but in the world. This toy shop has 7 floors and packed with different and all types of toys. Your kids will surely get excited to see all the toys that they haven’t seen in local toy shops.

London Zoo
London Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the world. This zoo opened in 1827, one of the oldest zoos wherein the word “zoo” actually originated. The primary focus of this zoo is on conservation and they have long term breeding programs for more than 100 species of animals. This place is excellent for the whole family to visit, since kids can acquire educational learning. They can also familiarize with all the animals.

An Asian Lion at London Zoo

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