The Precautions You Should Take When Renting a Car

Going on vacation means getting rid of stress and worries and enjoying a great time, no matter the chosen destination. Most of the tourists are interested in renting cars and benefit from great means of transportation, plus a series of advantages like saving money if the car rental services are booked online. But what should you consider when renting a car in a foreign country? How do you protect yourself against frauds or any related matters that might ruin your vacation? Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the services of a car rental firm in a foreign country.

Always read the entire contract

Just like most services, a deal is sealed by a contract. The same thing is available for car rental services which are preferred by tourists looking for a stress-free vacation from a transportation point of view. A lease contract is offered at the time you decide on a car to rent and there are a few matters to verify before signing it:

•   details about the insurance police need to be provided by the contract;

•   consider if it is sufficient information about the fees;

•   a contract must contain complete details about the rental firm;

•   make sure the price is correct and there are no other hidden fees;

•   if you pay with a credit card, look for the details in this matter.

Most of the car rental companies prefer blocking a specific sum as insurance or guarantee for the car. It is strongly recommended to see if your credit card can be used in the foreign country where you travel and if there are any additional charges involved. It is best to prevent such situations, instead of dealing with a case in which you discover that the blocked sum of money has not been entirely recovered.

Extra fees imposed by car rental firms from airports

Even if you do not think of it, there are cases in which customers need to pay additional fees if they rent a car right from the airport. There are car rental companies with offices in the main city airports which are subject to a series of taxes in these locations. To recover them, such airport taxes or at least a part of them are to be found on the bill of the customers looking for car rental services. In this case, you might want to consider the car rental services offered by local companies, with offices in cities, instead of those found at the airport. We remind that all the fees involved for such services must be seen in the contract you are about to sign and, if you have any doubts, you should definitely solicit details in this matter.

Also, there are companies that impose taxes for early car returns or, in other words, daily rate penalties if the rented car is returned within a few days earlier than established at the time of acquiring the services. Make sure if just conditions are imposed and the fees related in this case.

Renting luxury cars in a foreign country

A vacation is nothing else but great times, fun, plus a touch of elegance and comfort if you decide on renting a luxury sports car like Ferrari. High-class services might be subject to other conditions and fees. For example, the costs for renting a luxury car are definitely higher than the ones for a normal vehicle and car rental companies can solicit additional fees for complete deluxe packages comprising navigation, GPS, or 24-hour custom care. Also, a luxury car may worth lots of money for with a solid insurance in case of damage or accident. In most cases, the insurance is paid at the time you rent a luxury car, whether with liquid money or credit cards.

Instead of dealing with frauds when renting a car for your vacation, it is best to have in mind a few tips that might save your day. Renting a car is extremely easy, but make sure you read all the terms and conditions for no further surprises.






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