The Best British Beaches for Budgeting Travellers

The British coastline has been going through a period of regeneration in recent years with many of the top resorts upgrading their facilities and cleaning up the beaches in order to bring people back to the coast.

Staycations, where people choose to stay in Britain rather than jetting off to other countries, have become popular; especially since the public were forced to tighten their belts due to the recession. This has meant that the money has remained right here and the main tourist locations have reinvested that much-needed income into transforming the run-down coastlines into attractive destinations to attract families back.

During the 1990s the beach holiday was incredibly popular here in Britain, but by the turn of the century overseas holidays had become much more affordable and, because of the state of many of the beaches in the UK, more attractive. Something had to be done, and now, fortunately, it has been.

The British beaches are cleaner and much more in keeping with modern tastes and trends, and visitor numbers are rising year-on-year.

For someone who might be from overseas, however, deciding on which beach to go to might be difficult. After all, Britain doesn’t have its equivalent of Bondi beach, not unless you class it as Newquay in Cornwall anyway which attracts its fair share of surfers.

The one good thing about not knowing which beach to go to is that they’re all relatively easy to get to for tourists, because you don’t really need to board a plane to go anywhere in the UK – you can do it all by road or rail. This means that all travellers looking to go to the beach, or anywhere in Britain, on a budget; is able to do so.

Great British Bingo, who compare the top online bingo sites in the UK, conducted a survey into the British public’s favourite beach, asking around 400 people for their preference in order to help people just like you to find your next ‘staycation’ or British beach break.

The results revealed that the most popular beach in the whole of Britain was Blackpool – by some distance. The town in the North West of England received 69 of the 412 votes in total, equating to nearly 17% of the poll.

Blackpool is famous throughout Britain for its Pleasure Beach and iconic Tower overlooking the whole town, even allowing you to see across to the Isle of Man and Ireland on clear days. It’s also famous for its illuminations, lighting up the whole coastline in the winter.

Blackpool came in ahead of Brighton with 43 (10.44%), Bournemouth with 20 (4.85%), Cornwall with 14 (3.44%) and, to round off the top five, Scarborough with 12 votes (2.91%).

When you break the survey results down into male and female votes, the top three remains exactly the same with women and Scarborough moves up to third in the male vote ahead of Bournemouth.

This proves that the results were pretty unanimous with both men and women in favour of Blackpool as the best beach resort in Britain, receiving 35 male votes and 24 from women in the survey. So the next time you’re looking for a few days away, don’t worry about breaking the bank to do it, get yourself to Blackpool!

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