Strange Museums of London

London has many things to see and do, including some very different and bizarre museums, most of which are related to the history of London. These museums exist only because they exhibit information on topics of great interest to both Londoners and visiting tourists.

Starting right out is a museum you are not likely to forget. London’s anesthesia museum is dedicated to the art of temporarily knocking people out of their senses. This is one of London’s free museums that will let you see historical evidence of how modern medicine, since the late 1700s, handled a patients pain and consciousness during medical operations.

London's Anaesthesia Museum

Located at the site of the Thames Tunnel is the Brunei Museum, which presents the engineering work of the Brunei family. As interesting as the facts on how the tunnel was completed, is the artwork, in the form of sketches, watercolours and etchings of this famous London tunnelling project. There are also exhibits on gatherings called Fancy Fairs held in the same location.

The Fan museum is one of the most unique and eccentric museums in the world with a collection of fans that date from the present, back in time for a period of the last 900 years. In keeping with the international flavor of the museum, with fans from all over the world, is a popular Japanese garden and gift shop.

For comic lovers of the world is the Bloomsbury Cartoon Museum. This relatively new museum was opened to help preserve the art of British cartoons. There are many interactive things for visiting children to do in this museum.

The Cartoon Museum

Credit: Kake Pugh on Flickr
A most unusual museum experience can be found at the Dennis Severs’ House. As you walk through this home, which certainly feels every bit of it’s 250 year age, you get the definite impression the family that lived here has just left. The ten rooms are set up so that you will experience sights, smells and sounds of a home lit by fires and candles in 18th century London.

One of the most popular eccentric museums of London is the museum dedicated to the fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson. The popularity of the waxworks, Victorian memorabilia and well appointed gift shop would make anyone feel this museum was dedicated to real London residents, instead of characters from Sir Conan Doyle’s pen.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

The world of magic is admirably represented at the Magic Circle Museum. From Houdini props to mysterious Magic Circle memorabilia, lovers of magic enjoy a wide range of exhibits about the arts of Magic. This museum is available only by prearranged appointment.

One museum that cuts to the quick, and which may have a limited audience is London’s only remaining operating theatre. That is operating in the medical sense. Not for the faint at heart, visitors “enjoy” demonstrations of actual surgical operation techniques of the past 200 years.

Another wildly popular museum is the Believe It or Not collection of weirdness put together by the master of eccentricity, Ripley. There are more indescribable exhibits in this museum than, arguably, anywhere else in the world.

There are more strange museums of London, should you still have the inclination to be astounded even further. There are loads of ways to explore the city, such as the London tours or the open top red buses that take you around the main attractions, however you’ll miss the strange museums completely unless you go out of your way to find them.

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