Smart Phones & Travelling Through Britain

One of the best benefits available from smart mobile phones is that they make it far easier to travel and find things to do. Of course, this is just one of many services that modern smart phones offer, but in terms of general convenience and the enhancement of everyday activities, it’s one of the best.

No matter which phone you pick up from O2 or your provider, you will immediately gain access to both basic features and electronic apps that make it far easier to find places to go, ways to get there, and things to do once you’ve arrived. For example, consider the following features that can help you to get around and find fun things to do in Britain.

• To begin with, the basic GPS and mapping apps and features that come with most smart phones are incredible for finding your way around areas that you are not familiar with. If you are vacationing in Britain, or are travelling to an area you haven’t recently visited, your smart phone can effortlessly find an efficient route for you. This takes away all of the inconvenience of travelling in unfamiliar areas, and makes transportation far easier.

• UK Train Times – Naturally, this handy electronic app is exactly what it sounds like. Train travel is always somewhat imprecise, as trains can arrive early or late, and trips can be cancelled fairly often. UK Train Times allows you to stay on top of these changes and easily plan a route around the country using up-to-date train scheduling information.

• London Tube Deluxe – Similar to UK Train Times, the London Tube Deluxe app provides the same service with regard to the London underground system. These transportation systems are always confusing to people from out of town, so if you find yourself passing through London this is definitely a good app to keep in mind.

• AroundMe – Once you have transportation nailed down, you will need to figure out where exactly you want to go to begin with. AroundMe simply finds the closest attractions to your exact location, whether you are looking for cinemas, restaurants, stores, etc. Clearly, this can be very handy in a number of situations, and allows you to constantly stay aware of the closest attractions.

• Yelp – Somewhat of an enhanced version of AroundMe, Yelp not only tells you about restaurants and stores in your area, but even tells you what you want to know about them. You can access reviews, hours of operation, prices, etc. all on a single app, which makes it very easy to find out what you are and are not interested in doing as you travel about.

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