Planning a Trip to York within a Budget

Planning a Trip to York

Are you planning a trip to York? This historic city attracts tourists, business people, and students from around the world for the outstanding education and research at York University, business conferences, and a wide array of attractions. Whether you are visiting for work, an event at the university, or on a break, budget bed and breakfasts in York offer comfortable accommodations at affordable rates.

Travel Planning on a Budget

There are several things to consider when planning travel to York on a budget, such as your air travel, hotel accommodations, and the attractions you want to visit. If you are searching for budget hotels in York, Holiday Inn Express York offers comfortable accommodations with many amenities in the city centre at reasonable rates.

The Best Times to Travel

Millions of people travel to York every year and in every season. The ideal time to travel to York depends on what you want to do. Spring and summer are the most comfortable times of year for outdoor sightseeing and the most popular seasons for festivals and outdoor events. At Christmastime, York is filled with the magic of an old world Christmas season. If you plan to attend a specific festival or event, your travel time will be restricted. However, if you are less rigid, you can save money by traveling slightly outside the most popular travel months, such as early spring or autumn.

Stay near the Attractions

Once you have decided when to travel, you will need to begin looking for hotel accommodations for your visit. When you stay in the city centre, you will be near the most visited attractions, popular shopping areas, and the best restaurants. It is helpful to know how you plan to spend your time, so you can find accommodations that are close to the attractions.

Breakfast is Included

A bed and breakfast hotel includes breakfast with the price of the hotel accommodations. A breakfast is served each morning for the guests, usually within certain hours and with a set menu. This saves time in the morning, since you can eat before you leave the hotel and you won’t need to pay for breakfast, so it will save money as well.

Quality Accommodations and Service

A great location and free breakfast are of little use if the accommodations are shoddy. It is important to select a hotel that offers clean and comfortable accommodations at affordable rates. You can find information on the hotel’s website about the hotel and guest rooms, including amenities and features of each guest room. Another good source of information is reviews and testimonials written by other guests.


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