Places to visit in Dublin

Dublin, as a most crowded and important city of Ireland has many must-visit places and there is a lot to discover for the travellers. The natural beauty and the architecture of the buildings attract more and more people from the world to visit the beautiful city of Dublin.

In short, the top thing that you should do, when you are in Dublin are listed as follows:

The first place that you must visit is temple bar district that is situated in centre of Dublin. This place has abundant of shops, restaurants clubs and theaters.

It has architecture of 17th and 18th century. This is the best place to spend half days as it is called as the cultural center part of Dublin, which has Irish Film institute, project Arts center and many other cultural institutions. One nice place to visit is national photographic Archive for those who love ancient pictures. This place has about 630,000 images to see. Many historic images are available in this area which can be seen in exhibition or in reading room.

Second place to visit are the national museum, national gallery and national library, which are present closely to each other. These three things are must to visit place. The entrance fees of these places are free. Many times, you will find it of overcrowded so you must visit it in morning time. National museum, consist of a wide range of archeology and history. This museum also includes the Celtic and medieval arts. Those persons are loved to see the Irish and European art the national gallery is the must visit place for them.

When you came to Dublin, then you positively want to purchase many things for yourself, for your friends and family members. Therefore, you can do many shopping in Grafton Street and Stephen’s Green, which are located on the south side of Dublin, while Henry Street on the north side. These streets are seen very beautiful in night as it is located just either side of the river. Grafton Street is much famous for the fashionable and department stores. It has the shops for many exclusive ranges of jewelers. It also has the most popular Bewley’s cafes. Loft market is also the best place to style your wardrobe. It consists of indoor fashions, which are designed by the young designers and artists.

There are many places where you can take your meal but the most delicious lunch can be taken from the Dunne and Crescenzi. It is the best Italian café in the town. The food is wonder full and has many varieties to order. The café is full of music and enjoyment. If you love the music then you must visit to the Andrew’s Lane.

However, you may found the fewer amounts of playhouses in west side of Dublin but Andrew lane is the best one there. This place is re-opened for all music lovers as the music venue.

It has gained a strong reputation in the city as it has many things that attract by the visitors.

Of course, no trip to Dublin would be complete without visiting the Guiness factory, where you can take a tour of the distillery and pour a pint yourself. Admission is 15 Euros for adults, but is definitely worth the price, even if it is just for the certificate to say you can pour the perfect pint yourself!

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