Places to visit in Britain outside of London

There are great discounts on offer for anyone looking for cheap weekend breaks in the UK, and
the choice of destinations is enormous. London as usual tends to head the list, but there are many
exciting cities to visit throughout the UK, each with its own distinctive character and attractions, not
to mention the regional food and unfailingly friendly locals.

Cambridge is of course a world famous university town of dreaming spires and eccentric dons. There’s nothing like relaxing in the summer on the banks of the serene River Cam and watching undergraduate punters enjoying their brief halcyon days of freedom and irresponsibility. But Cambridge, apart from ancient colleges and some of the best second-hand bookshops in the world, has lots of great inexpensive restaurants and pubs.

The prices in these are often honed to an impoverished student population, which helps make Cambridge ideal for a cheap weekend break.

Further up north, Liverpool is a European Capital of Culture and probably most famous internationally as home to the Beatles and other star turns, as well as having an unrivalled contemporary live music and club scene. It also has a long and eventful history, and at the UNESCO site you can get a feel for the turbulence of this port when it was a centre for emigration and mass immigration until relatively recently.

There are also plenty of protected National Trust properties in the area, such as stately homes and castles, and a Liverpool Day Tripper card will save you money on getting around.

Newcastle is so far north that it is often unjustly passed over as a possible cheap breaks destination in the UK. This is a pity, as anyone who has visited it will enthusiastically agree, because in terms of history, culture and entertainment it shines like a beacon for the entire region.

The beautifully restored medieval Newcastle keep overlooking the River Tyne was built by the Normans – ‘new’ up here means anything later than the 11th century – and doubles as a heritage museum. The famous Big Market is positively heaving with scantily-clad revellers on Saturday nights even in the middle of winter, and the recently refurbished Great North Museum is the best natural history museum of its kind outside of London. Prices in the restaurants, pubs and cafes are also reasonable, and there is plenty of guesthouse and B&B accommodation on offer throughout this friendly and exciting city.

Edinburgh is in a class of its own, a proud and ancient capital packed with cultural attractions and still seeming to stand defiant against its southern neighbour even though the days of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace are long past.

The castle itself is a grim but beautiful fortress that was the scene of some truly bloody incidents, but now tourists flock here for cultural events and festivals and to experience history a bit more raw and recent than it is further south. Princes Street has some of the best shopping in the UK and there are many museums and art galleries to enjoy, with
accommodation reasonably priced and plenty of cheap places to dine out in style.

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