Places to go Skiing in Britain

Britain is probably one of the last places you’d associate with skiing, with most people heading to the likes of the Alps for a skiing holiday, yet there are plenty of places to go skiing here in the UK, either on real or artificial snow.

Glenshee Ski Centre (Scotland)

Set in 2000 acres, Glenshee boasts some of the most extensive facilities in the UK for skiers and snowboarders alike, with 26 different pisted runs, and a vertical descent of 1500ft. If you haven’t got your own ski gear, you can hire equipment for the day for around £12 a day for an adult, and £10 for children.

Lift passes for the day cost £28 for adults and £18 for kids. More info about Glenshee can be found on their website.

Chill Factor E (Manchester, England)

An indoor slope in the north west of England, Chill Factor E is right opposite the Trafford centre on the outskirts of Manchester. A great place to learn the basics, they offer tuition from £61 for a family of 4 people.

Chill Factor E offers skiing, snowboarding, luges, tubing , airboading and even rock climbing at the venue, and there’s a range of onsite shops where you can buy your own ski gear. If you want to hire ski equipment for the day, you can hire suits, ski goggles, skis and snowboards. Adult and kids snow suits are all the same price, £5 for the day.

For more info about Chill Factor E, visit their website.

The Snow Centre, Hemel Hampstead

Home to the largest indoor slope in the UK, the Snow Centre boasts a 160m run for both skiing and snowboarding. A lift pass for the day costs £29 for adults, and £25 for children. Discounted rates are available for members, but if you just want a one off day out , the snow centre offers private tuition in family groups of 4 for £99.

Sno!Zone (3 venus)

Another indoor ski venue, Sno!Zone offers skiing in Milton Keynes, Castleford and in Scotland, to accommodate people from all different areas.

Offering 170m slopes at all 3 venues, Sno!Zone offers skiing & snowboarding from £27 for adults and £21 for children, for a 2 hour slot.

Tuition is available, ranging from £100 for 4 x 1 hour sessions, or a full day of 8 hours teaching for £159 – great if you want to get some practice in before hitting the slopes for real.

There are separate smaller slopes for sledging, tubing and even ice slides if you’re not a very good skier, or want to experience something different. For more info on Sno!Zone, check out their website.

Other venues

There are hundreds of indoor and outdoor slopes throughout the UK, to find a venue near you, check out the snowboard club website for a full list of skiing and snowboarding locations.

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