Parking Options at Manchester Airport

If you’re heading off for a much needed Christmas break this year and you don’t fancy battling your way onto public transport with your luggage then why not think about taking the car to the airport instead? It means you can leave at a time that suits you and (barring punctures) make it to check-in without rushing, and you can load up the car the night before so that everything is ready to go when it’s time to head off on your hols.

If you’re flying from Manchester airport, there are plenty of car parking options so you can either book ahead and make sure you have a spot in the car park that suits you best, or, if you’re not quite as organised as that, you can just turn up on the day and pay for your parking when you get there. Here is a breakdown of the airport parking Manchester airport has to offer.

Jet Parks and Jet Parks Plus: These car parks are the most affordable car parking options at Manchester airport with Jet Parks being the cheapest. Jet Parks are located about a mile away from the terminal buildings, but don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you have to trundle to check-in on foot. A shuttle bus runs every fifteen minutes and takes between five and ten minutes to get to the airport depending on which terminal you are flying out of. The car park has 24 hour security cameras to deter vandals and is manned by Manchester Airport staff. If you would prefer to pre-book your car-parking then choose the Jet Parks Plus option. You can cancel or amend your booking up to six hours before departure with no charge, so if you do change your mind and decide to take the train or bus, you won’t lose out.

The Long Stay car park is another option that offers good value for money if you’re planning on leaving the car behind for a couple of weeks. It’s located on site and you can either pre-book it for even better value or just turn up and pay on the day if that suits you better. A 24 hour shuttle bus will take you from the car park to check-in in just a few minutes.

If you feel like treating yourself to a little luxury then why not go for the Meet and Greet option. This means you can drive your car right up to the airport entrance where you will be met by a valet who will park your car for you. Better still, it will be waiting for you again when you get back from your trip so you can just hop straight in and head home in comfort.

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