Insight into Escorted Holidays

When it comes to escorted holidays, Europe boasts some of the most exciting itineraries, from cruising through Eastern capitals to enjoying a classic train journey to Venice.

‘But, what exactly are Escorted Holidays?’ I hear you cry.

Basically, if a holiday were a box of chocolates, escorted tours would be like buying a tailor-made selection rather than attempting to make your own. Of course, there are lots of different varieties. One mans’s Turkish delight is another’s hazelnut swirl.

So, think of this guide as a bit of a menu card to help you decide what kind of escorted holiday might appeal to you, and the flavours of the trips your could experience.

What are escorted holidays?

Instead of making your own holiday plans and adding all the different ingredients- accommodation, transport, destinations, food- an expert will arrange it all for you.

You will have a tour guide who makes sure your holiday is exactly as you want it, and you will be presented with an exciting itinerary which takes in all the best things that your chosen region has to offer.

Escorted Rail Tours

One of the most popular forms of escorted holidays is a rail tour. In Europe, you can travel to Bruges, Venice, York or even through the Swiss Alps along historic railroads.

No-fly holidays include the advantage that you can watch the scenery go by, and travel in a relaxed fashion across some of the most beautiful landscapes on the continent. Vintage carriages such as those of the British Pullman include restaurants, observation carriages and cute sleeper cabins.

River Cruises

The Danube, the Rhine, the Seine or the Douro- it is possible to explore much of Europe whilst idling along on a river cruise. On an escorted tour, you will travel to various locations from historic cities and castles to national parks and iconic capitals. The advantage of travelling by boat is that you can explore off the beaten track away from major road and rail routes, and can truly immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

Coach Tours

Luxury coaches can be a great way to explore some of the most beautiful spots in Europe. With a guide, comfortable transport, arranged accommodation and destinations, these kind of coach tours are completely hassle free and include exciting itineraries. Explore the Medieval hill towns of Italy, experience the myth and magic of Romania, or take a short break to historic Bath.

Ocean Cruises

One of the best known types of escorted holiday is the ocean cruise. There are two main varieties: classic and contemporary. Classic cruises are smaller and more traditional, with set seating for dinner, time-honoured entertainment and personal service. Contemporary cruises define trips on the large cruise ships where there are multiple dining options, recreation ranging from climbing walls to cinemas, and thousands of passengers.

Many companies offer taster cruises around the coast of the UK, so you can try out your sea legs. Next stop, the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean!

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  1. Having an escorted tour has got its pros and cons, it is good that everything is planned for you and all is done properly, but on the other hand, you can’t do whatever you want once you’re there and its probably more costly too…

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