Implementing Person Centered Care in Nursing Homes

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A person centered approach focuses on the elderly person’s desires, needs and goals, which then become central to the nursing and care process. The nursing process is delivered with a personal touch by putting the needs of the elderly first, so that they become priorities rather than daily chores. If you are looking for reputed nursing homes in Crawley, West Sussex; it is a good idea to pick a care home that focuses on person-centered care. The essential characteristic of a person centered approach is the staff’s keen interest in the elderly patient’s experience of illness, health and care. The healthcare professionals need to understand the state of mind and physical discomfort the elderly patient is in. The nursing staff must incorporate the following traits to efficiently implement person centered care:

  • Getting comfortable and familiar with the patient as an individual.
  • Being responsive and attentive to the patient’s needs.
  • Providing meaningful care by creating a comfort zone.
  • Understanding and respecting the patient’s preferences, needs and value system.
  • Stressing on the importance of freedom of choice.
  • Being there to help in times of both physical and emotional discomfort.
  • Staying in touch and creating relations with the person’s family and close friends.

Entering the Life of a Patient

In order to provide care that is person centered, it is vital that the healthcare professionals and nurses enter the personal lives of their patients by going through and understanding his/her complete biography. They must research and understand the background and living conditions of the patient and his/her immediate relatives. It is a good option to pick a reputed nursing home in Crawley like Ashton Grange Nursing Home, which believes in holistic care. Achieving complete person centered care may not be as easy because it requires patience, time to listen and respond. By dwelling deep into the life stories and experience of the patient, the staff can find out the patients future aspirations. They can focus on the wants and needs of the individual rather than simply getting the job done.

Principles of a Person Centered Approach

Here is a brief list of the principles of person-centered care that nursing homes in Crawley, West Sussex follow:

  • Familiarity with the patient: Thehealthcare professionals are dedicated to building relationships with their patients beyond diagnosis. It is essential to get to know the patient and create a circle of trust.
  • Share responsibility and power: By being friendly and respectful, the staff is able to effectively plan, make decisions and set goals, along with providing proper care and treatment.
  • Environment: The physical, cultural and surrounding environment must be sound, stress free and welcoming. This can help the staff connect with the elderly patients.
  • Coordination and integration: For a positive and constructive experience, the staff must work as a unified team and minimise duplication of effort.

Those living close to Horsham looking for the best nursing home in Crawley must keep the above factors in mind at the time of choosing the facility.

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