Holiday on a Budget with a Staycation

Are you used to your holiday abroad every summer, but don’t have the cash to fund it this year? Camping in the UK can be a fantastic alternative for your family.

If you have never been on a holiday in the UK, or staycation as it has been affectionately termed, you might find that you are missing out. Those who live in big cities may occasionally forget that we live on an island of stunning natural beauty. There are mountains to climb, forests to explore and world famous lakes to fall in. When planning your holiday in England/Scotland/, look for the local areas of outstanding natural beauty, which you can find, here (if you want to really do your research). There are loads of adventures to be had in your native country for those willing to hunt for them.

This fantastic environment is also a great place to learn a new outdoor skill, like mountain biking or watersports. Surfing lessons are available from Breakers Surf School in Cornwall from £27 for a two hour session; it’s a great way to spend a family afternoon together. The range of activities on offer around the UK is astonishing. You can take falconry lessons in Gloucestershire, learn how to Sandboard in Devon or Power Kite in Worcestershire, all for very reasonable prices.

There are also many practical reasons why it might be a good idea to book a holiday in good ol’ blighty. Firstly, it’s extraordinarily convenient. The distances are shorter and usually it’s possible to take your own car to the destination. If you have small children this is a serious consideration. The possibilities of delays in far-flung airports, made worse by a toddler who refuses to eat because it’s not the right kind of tomato sauce, is enough to strike fear in to the heart of any parent. By taking the car, and knowing than your child’s favourite product will probably be available, stress and worry will be severely reduced.

Staying in hotels and B and B’s in the UK can be very expensive depending on where you are visiting. A good way to get around this is by camping. There are some beautiful campsites, and if you haven’t done it in years it can take you back to your childhood summers.

Tents come in all shapes and sizes so if you’re new to the whole camping thing and don’t know your porch from your pole, UK camping specialists Decathlon have written a handy guide to choosing a family tent.

Another great thing about camping is that sites often accommodate children with organised outdoor activities or entertainment. The Park Foot site in the Lake District offers nonstop summer events over the summer holidays, which include archery, cricket and competitions for kids.

Holidays in the UK can be the perfect holiday for families, adventure seekers and nature lovers. For a great summer without the price tag, try a holiday at home.

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