Head to Europe to enjoy some Autumn swell

When most people think about surfing they think of long hot summer days spent in the water, catching waves and then heading to a bar for a sunset session.

But surfers know that’s not necessarily the best time to go out and get barreled.

In high summer beaches are packed and the water is usually full of seasonal surfers bobbing up and down in the lineup. There’s a serious risk of being dropped in on every time you catch a wave, and often the swell isn’t all that anyway, because a lack of storm systems during the periods of better weather isn’t conducive to creating big waves.

So for many surfers, the time they look forward to, particularly in Northern Europe, is the end of summer and start of Autumn.

Water temperatures are at their highest, as the sun has been warming the sea all summer long, and more changeable weather across the North Atlantic can push some epic swell across the ocean and onto Northern European beaches.

So if you want to surf Europe on your surf holidays, now is the time of year to do it.

There are surf camps across the continent’s coastline and plenty of hotels, apartments and campsites set up specifically to cater for surfers.

Providers like Surf Holidays deal in bespoke trips for surfers, so whether you’re looking for a family surf holiday, a surfing and yoga break, a big wave hunting trip or anything else, they can help.

Get out there and enjoy the best time of year for surfing.

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