Go on a Stonehenge Inner Circle Tour!


According to the figures from the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA), Stonehenge receives more than one million visitors per year. That number is expected to rise greatly in the near future thanks to the opening of their new visitor centre.

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With so many people wanting to explore the prehistoric monument, it comes as no surprise that there is only limited access provided. It may have been possible for everyone to touch the stones in the past but that is no longer true today. Fortunately, British Tours offer packages allowing you to tour the location at dawn before it is open or at night after it is closed to the public.

Some think that Stonehenge has become overrated. That may be because they were not able to experience the site from inside the circle. If they were to book an inner circle tour, they would surely understand why people love visiting Stonehenge so much. The feeling of being inside Stonehenge have been described as magical and otherworldly!

British Tours offer that kind of special service to their guests. Not only will they collect you from your central London hotel but also enable you to go into the Inner Circle. There you will be able to see the stones up close and personal without having to run shoulders with throngs of strangers.

Get the chance to ponder about cultures, societies, and technologies of times past in a venue most suitable. All you have to do is book a sunrise or sunset Stonehenge Tour with British Tours. British Tours do not offer dusk or dawn dates from the months of October to November but the rest of the year is fine.

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