Glamping in Britain

If you’re someone who’s going away to Britain for a nice hefty holiday then you probably already know that Britain has a lot to offer. From historical locations to some of the best music festivals out there, Britain has it all. When it comes to glamping which is camping without the usual discomforts, it goes without saying that you’ll definitely find some of the best experiences around. There are many great locations to go glamping so it can be a little hard to discern which one is better than the other but this list will give you an idea of top 5 people’s pick on glamping locations.

Jollyday’s glamping located in North Yorkshire offers one of the most luxurious and comfortable glamping experiences in Britain. You can get sleeping quarters that come bigger than hotel suites and some even have their own shower facilities installed. If big poster beds sound like a treat then you’ll find them at Jollyday’s. Located amongst two hundred acres of woodland some of the fun activities available include rope swings and tree-houses for kids and the classical cycling experience for adults as well as kids.

A tent at Jollydays glamping site

Alde Garden is another one of those exceptional glamping locations that offer a little bit of the unique and the eclectic. Located in Suffolk, Alde Garden offers Mongolian style yurts, bell tents, tipi’s and wooden gypsy caravans. Apart from the quirky range of accommodation, Alde Garden gives campers an atmosphere of tranquillity and relaxation set across an acre of wildlife garden. It’s an ideal place for people needing a breather and a place to get away from their busy realities.

A Yurt at Alde Garden

However, if cosy and snug sounds more ideal to you then Pot-a-Doodle Do Wigwam Village should definitely be the glamping location to check out. Located on the Northumbrian coastline, accommodation comes in the form of chalet like wigwams with comfortable living arrangements that include heating and electricity. For people who want to chill out there is a TV lounge and barbeque huts for summer and activities include quad biking and fishing.

Wigwam at Pot A Doodle Do

For those who would consider a gypsy touch to their glamping experience, there is the Gypsy Campsite located in Essex. Accommodation is offered across a range of genuine Bowtop wagons, buccaneers from the 50s and old fashioned Burton vehicles. Set on the edge of a fruit orchard with farm animals in the field, it’s a great place for families to kick back and enjoy the season, taste the best homemade foods available and pop to the beach four miles away if the fancy strikes.

For those looking for an experience with just their loved one, then there is no better place to check out than Ekopod in Cornwall. This glamping location offers retreat style service and living quarters with king sized beds and transparent walls that offer residents panoramic views of the Bodmin Moor and a perfect excuse for lounging in bed.

Inside the pods at Ekopod

Unlike other glamping sites, private bathrooms are located in adjacent next door tents along with the kitchen. Breakfast hampers are delivered each morning with the option of ordering for evening meals if cooking isn’t your thing. Activities range from hiking to surfing lessons with an interesting wood fired bath tub experience to top off the day. So if that sounds like a great cup of tea for you and your partner, be sure to check it out.

Glamping is a great holiday experience for everyone but especially when the whole family and the kids are involved. There are huge opportunities to meet other people with the potential to make friends that you might just get together with again and again. Ultimately the experience definitely ranks amongst one of the most remembered holidays so don’t just see glamping as a cheaper holiday alternative!

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