Ghost Tours of York

Who says you can only have fun during Halloween? Put yourself to the test and frighten your way to fun and adventure by visiting York in England. The “ghost tour” is a must to experience or your trip here won’t be complete at all!


This article will you a guide on the company or walks that you should not dare miss so you could maximize your spooky but really exciting experience in York. Today, I have created a review and list of the companies and walks that you could check out for this one of a kind Ghost Tour! And yes, it’s best to have a guide or at least go by group because this place can be really scary and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!


  1. 35 Stonegate: also known as York’s most haunted house. You have to make an oath that you are never going to visit this particular house alone because many have come here and there was not a single one who would say that it’s not creepy at all! Inside here you’ll get an automatic guide because the house itself is surrounded with speakers with an audio guide that will give you the history and significance of the particular area of the house that you visited.


The audio guide is a female voice however, don’t be surprised if you get to hear more than one female voice during your trip in this place because it sure is living up to its title as York’s most haunted house! Most tourists are here to try to contact people from the spiritual realm particularly the dead using a Ouija board. I personally don’t encourage you to do that but if you want to scare yourself away, then no one’s stopping you.


  1. Punch Bowl Inn: If you love tales and very interesting ghost stories, then there’s no way not to love this place. It was said that this inn is being haunted by three ghosts. The first one was this landlord who died in a fire and was told that his spirit is very much alive despite the fact that his body has already been removed from the premises. The creepy part is that they say this ghost follows anyone he would remember and suddenly would disappear on the floor. Still not shaking?


This other ghost can be found right at the pub and was known to be a grey lady who said to have committed suicide after knowing her lover committed infidelity during their relationship. The story has been known that she is coming back to hunt down her unfaithful former lover.


Now brace yourself for this ghost who is also a young maiden with two theories coming from people about her identity. The first theory goes by saying she was strangled by some drunkard back in the 18th century after saying no to him as he was trying to harass her so her ghost still runs inside every room trying to escape from him. The other theory is that she was a bartender who died because she was beaten so hard back in the 16th century and now she runs from one room to another trying to avoid her murderer. But it’s intriguing because pubs didn’t even exist at that time! I leave that puzzle piece to you.


  1. The Original Ghost Walk of York: This particular walk in my opinion is not as scary as the first two that I have mentioned here. Although this one also have its own spooky ghost stories such as The Lost Boy who was said to haunt the many sites of this place looking dirty with no shoes on his feet. He was probably around 10 or 11 years old. If you ever feel like a window or door just opened along with that strange breeze, then you’ll know he’s around and would even make himself appear shocking you and shocking him on the fact that you’re seeing him. And then suddenly, he’ll disappear. Another story from this walk is the ghost that’s in the house at Castlegate. But the story and the motif of its haunting is unknown.


This walk is different from the others because here you can even set up your own private party! They have regular tour operations and hotel amenities that you could use. It only costs £ 4.50 for adults and £ 3 for tots to tour this place. This is definitely one of the must-sees!



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