Getting the Most from Your Break

Most people only get a week or two of holiday every year, so making the most of your precious time away is important.

Whether you’re travelling by yourself, with friends, a partner or your family, the same basic rules apply, so here are some tips to help you get the most out of your break:

Get a guidebook

It may seem obvious, but a large number of people forgo a guidebook and choose to rely solely on the information they can glean when they arrive.

However, there’s nothing worse than returning from holiday and then reading about an incredible attraction that was just around the corner from your location.

Even if your hotel provides you with good local info and great day trips, reading a guidebook before you go will help you to navigate your way around, as well as helping you to learn a little about your chosen destination before you arrive.

Learn the Language

It’s obviously unrealistic to learn a language to a good standard before you set off, but taking the time to learn a few simple words and phrases can make all the difference when you arrive.

The locals in almost every country will appreciate your effort and it can make a huge difference when trying to decipher cryptic menus and signs.

Plan some activities

If you’re staying at a quality resort or hotel such as Club Med, the choice of activities and excursions on offer can seem overwhelming.

As there’s probably not enough time to do them all, sit down at the beginning of your trip and pick out your ‘must dos’, so that you don’t run out of time during your stay.


The most important factor in getting the most out of your holiday is to relax. This doesn’t just mean relaxing on the beach, but trying to take everything that happens in your stride.

Occasionally, things may go wrong, but by remaining calm and dealing with any situations step by step, you can help to ensure that it doesn’t affect your enjoyment of the rest of your holiday.

With such a wide range of destinations and types of holiday available, there’s no hard and fast formula for ensuring the perfect trip.

But with a bit of planning, a bit of luck and a positive outlook, you can definitely make sure that you get the most out of your trip away.

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