France vs Italy – Where to holiday for an Indian summer?

Summer is the best time of year, so when it runs on for a few months longer than expected it’s a real blessing.

Of course, because we’re in the UK, we don’t often enjoy an Indian summer, so the best way to get to enjoy one is by heading abroad.

Two of the most popular destinations for that are the South of France and Italy, but which is best?


There are literally thousands of luxury villas in France and the best are concentrated in the south of the country.

You may prefer a chic villa on the Cote d’Azur, a country farmhouse among the lavender fields in Provence or a seaside stay on the Gironde, but whichever is your cup of tea, the South of France can provide.


Quality Villas has almost 200 luxury villas in Italy and they are spread across the country, giving visitors the option of staying in the foothills of the Alps, amongst the Italian lakes, in central Tuscany, on the Amalfi Coast, in Sorrento near to Naples and on the coast, on the outskirts of Rome, in the land of the midday sun (the Mezzo Giorno) and even on the island paradise of Sicily.

Whether you opt for a luxurious private villa with a pool near to a distinguished chianti wine estate in Tuscany, or plump for a stylish villa with a tennis court in Lucca, Quality Villas has the perfect place for you to spend an Indian summer.

Whether you’re considering holidaying in Italy or France, check out Quality Villas’ website to find some of the best accommodation the country has to offer.

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