Food and Drink Festivals of Britain

Food and drink festival of Britain are also very much inspired by its traditions and culture, therefore involving a large number of old dishes and ingredients in their foods. The food festivals are meant to keep the citizens entertained and drag the tourist towards the city.  Check out our guide to some of the best food and drink festivals in Britain.

Britain’s restaurants are famous for serving a wide range of cuisines. You will find the local cuisine of almost every country in the region. However, let’s stop and analyze traditional and cultural British food. Why not enjoy the dishes of the city?! The traditional cooking of Britain includes light fresh ingredients which are also found in the restaurants of the country in the category of lighter foods. Is it a bad idea to try the best flavors with new dressing and other touches? The roast beef is a common dish in most of the restaurants in Britain which is served with Yorkshire and a cup of pudding. Many chicken dishes, a fusion of old and new flavors, lighter desserts and a lot more has been attracting the customers to the restaurants for a long time.

Oyster festival :
Whitstable and oyster festival is one of the most visited festivals of Britain which celebrates the taste of the mollusks of the coast of Kentish. The Romans were the first to celebrate its mesmerizing taste. The festival is celebrated from 23rd to 29th July, the best period in which the visitors can visit the country easily. The venue for the festival is Long Beach. You will be completely allowed to eat as many tasty oysters in this festival as you can.

West dean chilli fiesta:
Another one is the west dean chilli fiesta which is celebrated to promote the spiciness in the foods. As understood by the name, this festival promotes chili fanatics all around the world from 5th to 7th august. All foods are highly seasoned with chilli during this festival. Chocolates, cigarettes, sauces and other foods and drinks contain a high percentage of chilli to enhance the feeling of the festival. Being the producer of hot pepper, California is the main provider of hottest chilli known up till now. It is known as California death pepper.

Speyside whisky festival:
Now, let’s tell you about some of the drink festivals of Britain. These festivals include autumn Speyside whisky festival which is celebrated in Scotland from 30th September to 3rd October. The festival brings the distilleries to the people which are not commonly open to the public. With the provision of rare distilleries, the festival has a lot of entertainment like dance, singing, exhibitions, foods, drinks etc.

Hilden beer festival:
Another drink festival is Hilden beer festival, Lisburn which is celebrated in Northern Ireland from 26th to 28th august with complete enthusiasm. The oldest independent brewery is the venue for this festival every year. The festival includes a wide range of beers from all over the world with other entertaining factors like music, barbecue etc.

Now with the help of this information about food and drink festivals of Britain, you can decide when to plan the next trip.

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