Everything You Need to Know About Manchester Airport’s Drop-Off Charges

Visiting an airport is expensive business.

From spending the best part of a tenner for a sandwich and some crisps, to paying through the nose if you want to use WiFi, everything at the airport comes with a cost.

Which is something visitors to Manchester Airport learned on July 10th 2018, when a new drop-off fee was introduced as part of Manchester Airport’s Transformation Programme.

We often recommend comparing the prices of car parks servicing Manchester Airport rather, but we’ve put together this article if you opt to be dropped off instead. We want to ensure that you know all the facts in time for your next visit, and show you a way you can still be dropped off without paying a penny.

You’ll Pay Between £3 and £4

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The new paid drop-off zones are located on each terminal’s forecourt, and the fee is £3 for five minutes or £4 for 10 minutes. So it can save you money to have everyone move and grab their own case the minute you park up.

You are basically paying for the convenience of being dropping off right outside the terminal. You can get out the car and go directly to check-in, which some would argue is a small price to pay if you have a whole family in tow.

But It Could Shoot Up to £25

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Manchester Airport says that £4 is the maximum charge as drivers are not permitted to be in the forecourts for longer than 10 minutes.

However that’s not 100% true as sometimes things happen which means we can’t be in and out in a mere 10 minutes.

If you’re in this unfortunate position and end up overstaying your 10-minute welcome, you’ll be hit with a penalty fine of up to £25!

Even more reason to get in and out as quickly as possible.

You Can Avoid the Charge If You Know Where to Go

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Although a lot has been reported about the new charges, many articles have downplayed the fact that you CAN still drop off for free, it’s just that the area has changed.

If you head to the former site of JetParks 1 on Thorley Lane, it’s completely free to drop off here.

The caveat is that passengers will have to catch a shuttle bus to the terminals. These buses run 24 hours a day, and take seven minutes to travel to terminal 2, or 12 minutes to get to terminals 1 and 3.

There Were Issues at the Start, But They’ve Been Ironed Out

In addition to the charges causing controversy, the amount of traffic being directed through the paid drop-off zones was causing huge delays which meant people were overrunning their time and being hit with that dreaded £25 fine.

Not brilliant PR for Manchester Airport at the time.

However, the airport stated this was all due to teething issues during the scheme’s introduction.

A spokesperson for Manchester Airport said that “the aim of the scheme is to reduce the extreme congestion outside our terminals.

“As with any new schemes there is always a transition period and some early teething problems. However, the scheme is working well and we have seen congestion on our forecourts reduce already.”

Hopefully with this guide has helped you get your head around the drop-off charges, how they work and how to avoid them. Stay up-to-date on everything travel related with the British Travel Blog.

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