Europe’s Top 10 Airports

The airports in cities of Europe are amongst the best in the world. Being the ideal gatekeepers for tourism in all of Europe, the airports need to be top-notch in order to compete with each other all around the continent. Each year a ranking is made about the best airports in Europe, with various elements being considered in order to elect the best of the best. These are the TOP 10’s for this year’s best airports of Europe.

Vienna International Airport

The most appealing aspects of this airport are its cleanliness, its compact size and the high speed of their wi-fi network. Aside from that, the fact that it is just 12 miles from Vienna, Austria’s capital, is also beneficial to the transfers to the city from the airport.

Barcelona-El Prat Airport

One of the busiest airports in all of Europe, it also serves as the main gatekeeper for almost all of tourism in the city of Barcelona. It has an extensive network of connections between other countries and the main city, like the Barcelona airport transfers by taxi to the main parts of the city. It also has a vast array of different companies, ranging from the high-cost ones to low-cost ones like Ryanair or Vueling.

Cologne Bonn Airport

Located in Germany, this is one of the main airports for low-cost carriers, mainly Germanwings. It is also one of the latest airports in Europe to be constructed, so the architecture is especially modern.

Copenhagen Airport

The northern european airlines Norwegian Air Shuttle and Scandinavian Airlines use this airport as the main base for all their flight operations. It is also known to be quite clear in all indications, as it is pretty hard to get lost in the facilities.

Helsinki Airport

A singular airport, given the fact that we can find a museum and an art gallery in it. Passengers passing by can rest on one of the dining areas or enjoy visiting the mentioned museum, so it’s at least a unique experience.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Like the Barcelona airport, this one is also one of the busiest airports in all of Europe. It also has a wide variety of leisure activities, as well as a selection of dining areas to enjoy a fine meal or a coffee

Frankfurt Airport

The main base for the airline Lufthansa, with more than 270 of their jets in the facility, the Frankfurt airport is the third busiest airport in all of Europe, as well as one of the most busy airports in the world.

London Heathrow Airport

Of the five airports of London, the Heathrow Airport is the biggest one, also being the world’s third busiest airport. Currently undergoing some ampliations, it is home Terminal 5, considered by many as the best airport terminal in the world. It also is the main base for the english airlines British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

Zurich Airport

One of the biggest airports in the world and home of the Swiss International Air Lines, this huge airport has found the perfect solution for the passengers that have to traverse the large facilities: you can rent a bicycle or an inline-skate in order to move around the area easily.

Munich Airport

Ranked the best airport of Europe thanks to its modern design, the museum of historic aircraft that we can find in the vicinity or the golf course nearby. It also is home for Air Berlin, as well as one of the major bases for Lufthansa and Condor.

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