Euro 2016 in France

The UEFA Euro 2016 is happening this year, folks! That means it’s going to be an extra special year for European football fans as they support their countrymen in the tournament. The bonus of the Euro Cup is that all of the competing countries are closely located which means that lots of fans will be on the move to France for the competition.

Euro 2016 will be the 15th edition of the popular continental tournament and will be held this year from June 10th with the final to be held on July 10th in Paris. Spain have been on a roll and are the two-time defending champions for the contest.

This year, for the first time ever, there will be 24 teams contesting for the top spot instead of the usual 16. This means that you’ll have more of a chance to support your favourite players as they put on their country’s colours. It also means that picking the winner will be more of a challenge this year but that the odds of winning big will be good if you happen to choose right! If you’re planning on making a bet, head to for the best online betting experience.

But the absolute best thing about Euro 2016? It’s that its in FRANCE! Who wouldn’t love an opportunity to travel to France to support their team? Wine! Cheese! Football! It’s a fine trinity of great things.

Plus with the tournament bring held all over the country, you’ll likely be able to follow your own team to some pretty great destinations. Games will be held at stadiums in Paris, obviously, but also Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, St. Etienne, Nice, and Bordeaux among others. There are some pretty great destinations from wine country in Bordeaux (though really… it’s all wine country!) to the beaches of Nice, to the major cities of Marseille and Lyon and all of the cultural goodies they have to offer.

France will be a great place to be this summer!

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