eMoov’s most Reasonable Littoral Locations to Purchase a Holiday Home

With summer drawing closer, eMoov.co.uk, UK’s leading Online estate agent, has filtered through the most reasonably priced properties located on the coast.

Ideal property on the seaside is notoriously pricey due to the appeal of the surrounding landscape. The most affluent areas are Salcombe in Devon and Dorset’s sandbanks; this is due to the prestige of the locations as they are considered to be locations of the wealthy. Property in these areas can augment to three times the mean asking price. Even a simple beach hut situated on the sandbanks can cost an unbelievable 100k!

If you plan on investing in a coastal home at a reasonable price, eMoov.co.uk have offered a number of options to take into consideration.

Bude – Cornwall

Cornwall is debatably the succeeding Capital of the UK, the way of life and the sensational scenery entices potential investors from across the country.

Bude has a flawless beach setting and albeit the mean asking price is roughly the 250k mark, it is still a bargain when in comparison to Padstow, bearing in mind it’s simply a short trip up the coast. Although it remains unknown for certain, it is nearly certain that it will go through its’ own Padstow effect, therefore purchasing a holiday home sooner rather than later is a wise move if you want an impressive return on investment.

Neighbouring is Widemouth Bay, this location provides properties with stunning views from your house, pet friendly beaches, multiple cafes, local shops and mouth watering restaurants are located above the bay, on the striking hills.

Another benefit Bude has to offer is the location being just north of Cornwall. You still get the benefits of the authentic Cornwall sense with a relaxed way of life, not only that but you have an hour less spent in the car in comparison to locations in West Cornwall.

Mean House Price: £254,177
Price fluctuation in the past 2 years: 7.16%

Weymouth – South

If you have made your decision that the south coast is better suited to your family, it is feasible to do so without spending ridiculous amounts. Settled between two of Dorset’s traditional coastlines is Weymouth.

The average property in Weymouth costs £230k, although it initially seems pricey it is a quarter of the mean price spent on property in the Sandbanks region and it is only an hour away. Furthermore, the rural nature is much more appealing that the congested Sandbanks and Weymouth’s Georgian aesthetics and picture perfect beaches, offer unbelievable views of the coastline.

The Isle of Portland which co-hosted the Lonon 2012 sailing events with Weymouth, provides an “Explorers Dream” which enhances the entire trip.

Mean House Price: £229,906
Price fluctuation in the past 2 years: 6.62%

Westcliffe-on-Sea – East

Thanks to enhancements in transportation, for example C2c line, Essex has turned into a frequently visited area for people considering a reasonable distance to London, but provides the appeal of still being located by the coast. In the past, Southend was considered a popular seaside resort however nowadays it isn’t as attractive. Close by is Leigh-on-Sea which is becoming more prevalent however the mean house price reaches a staggering 300k, this is mostly due to the popularity.

Westcliffe-on-Sea is located between them, it is close to the lights of Southend’s seafront attractions as well as being a short distance to the picturesque seafront of Leigh. Westcliffe has a mean housing price of £224k which is slightly dearer that the UK average, but plenty cheaper than London asking prices.

Mean House Price: £223,796
Price fluctuation in the past 2 years: 14.71%

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Colwyn Bay – Wales

Colwyn Bay is situated on the northern coast of Wales which provides anything you could ask for from a coastline vacation. There’s a gorgeous beach, stunning gardens as well as the notorious Eirais Park which is one of the stand out attractions to the area. If you have children there is always something to do – from the Welsh Mountain Zoo to Port Eirias Centre for Water Sports which offers multiple activities to sample.

The average home in Colwyn Bay is around about £170k, this is significantly cheaper than a house located on the south coast and is less than the UK average. Over the last five years prices unfortunately have gone up, however more recently in the last six months the price has dropped roughly £7,000. So if your wise now would potentially the most suitable time to grab a property in your desired area/

Mean House Price: £173,094
Price fluctuation in the past 2 years: 9.82%%

Bridlington – North East

Initially Bridlington may not be your first option, however the North East coast can offer amazing views for little cost. Obviously the weather isn’t as pleasant as it is down South however if that isn’t the be all and all, then it is an area to take into consideration.

Bridlington is situated just south of Scarborough. It has a more relaxed way of life than that of Scarborough, even at the peak of summer. Bridlington has a family orientation about it and provides entertainment for all ages. There is a busy town centre, although it is a petite one, attractive beaches, the compulsory walkway and seaside entertainment, along with historic establishments and the most impressive – Bridlington Old Town. The mean house price is estimated at £130k which is slightly more pricey than other locations in the North East, for example Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, and it offers a great deal more for the increase in price.

Mean House Price: £134,069
Price fluctuation in the past 2 years: 8.64%

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