Edinburgh Royal Mile

Visitors that choose to escape to a hotel in Edinburgh can join the wonderful experience of getting lost on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. This popular street is often referred to as the Royal Mile.

The Royal mile runs from the Holyrood Palace all the way to the Edinburgh Castle.

Toruists can map their date when visiting the Royal Mile by tackling each of the individual sections of this famous street. Cannon Gate, Castlehill, Lawnmarket and High Street are all extremely popular destinations with visitors that choose to take a tour through the Royal Mile. This street is popular with tourists because of its royal affiliation with the Queen who chooses to call the Holyrood Palace home during her stay in Scotland.

Tourists can enjoy the endless souvenir stores as well as the charm and personality that come along with the cobblestone pathways and the architecturally impressive stone buildings. Edinburgh residents are extremely proud of their ability to preserve the historical nature of the Royal Mile. As referenced by its name the Royal Mile is indeed approximately one mile in length. This distance makes it a perfect choice for tourists that enjoy exploring the historic goal and cultural aspects of a destination without the use of public transportation.

A majority of tourists start their trip down the Royal Mile with an official visit to the Edinburgh Castle. The Edinburgh Castle also includes a church by the name of St. Margaret’s Chapel. This chapel is known as the oldest building in the Edinburgh Castle because they can trace its roots all the way back to the 12th century. The Edinburgh Castle is truly known as the prized possession of the Royal Mile skyline. Tourists that are seeking local festive attractions are highly recommended to visit The Hub. This location serves as the main location for the extremely popular Edinburgh Festival. In addition, visitors can also buy tickets for other festivals and shows that take place in Edinburgh.

Experience the bagpipers can be heard along the castle grounds all along the Royal Mile. These bagpipers are extremely skilled in playing the classical music pieces of Scottish music. Tourists are encouraged to offer a nominal tip if they enjoy the music. Furthermore, tourists are highly recommended to visit the Grassmarket. This portion of the Royal Mile includes endless pubs and cafés for relaxing and enjoying the slower side of Edinburgh. In addition, families can also find cafés that are tucked away in smaller sized shops as well as the opportunity to enjoy a picnic lunch in one of the many open center squares in the area.

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