Cycling Holidays in the Lake District

Cycling holidays are dismissed by most as they’re deemed to be only for the most seasoned of cyclists who have the highest of fitness levels. However cycling holidays are suitable for all, no matter what your age or ability. Take a look at the top reasons to take a cycling holiday:

1)     Great For Fitness

No matter what your current fitness levels are, cycling holidays are a great way to get just that bit healthier. Rather than the usual holiday customs of over-eating, drinking and spending a bit too much time doing nothing by the pool, a cycling holiday encourages you to get moving, burn calories and improve both your cardiovascular and muscular health.

2)     Get Off The Beaten Track

Unlike most holidays whereby you spend your time touring the most populated, tourist hotspots, cycling holidays allow you to discover quieter areas, see undisturbed, beautiful

landscapes and truly immerse yourself in new cultures.

3)     Try Something New

Cycling holidays are truly an adventure like no other. Nothing compares to the feeling of reward when you reach the peak of a climb or the sheer excitement of waking up well rested after a great night’s sleep and planning the next segment of your ride. You’ll collect memories that will last a lifetime.

4)     The Best Views

By being outside on your bike you’ll get to see landscapes, countryside and nature up close and personal, better than you ever would from a car, plane or boat. Not only that but you’ll be able to explore areas that can’t be reached by foot alone.

Cycling holidays truly offer something for everyone, a great first adventure would be the Lake and Dales Loop in the Lake District, UK, a 196 mile circular cycle route that allows cyclists of all abilities to ride up close to Cumbria’s spectacular landscapes. You can learn more about cycling holidays in the lake district from the infographic below…

cycling infographic


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