Cornwall, a Skater’s Paradise

Cornwall is best known for its golden sandy beaches and its high number of surfers that take full advantage of the world class surf breaks littering its coastline.  Yet what does this large group of board addicts do when the surf goes flat? They skate!

Living in the area for the past few years I have spent many hours driving and skating around trying to locate unique skate spots that can entertain my friends and I for countless hours. Cornwall features a whole host of wood and concrete architecture that can easily become a skater’s best friend. I’m going to share with you some of my favourite spots and outline for you why they’re so good!

Mount Hawke – Truro
Located 8 miles from Truro, on the outskirts of the sleepy village of Mount Hawke, lies one of the biggest indoor skate parks in the entire country.  Mount Hawke skatepark is a must for any skater. Due to its location, this 20,000 square foot skating area falls under the radar for many UK skaters. Therefore the rolling vert-ramp, the raw street-section and the huge mini ramp can often be skated by just you and your friends.

So what does the park offer? Well, a bit of everything really. Due to it’s size and number of skate features, the novice skater can feel equally at home here as the professional.  It boasts a huge vert ramp which sits at over 13 feet, which should only be tackled by the more skilled rider. The street section is by far my favourite. This has an original feel to it offering numerous banks, rails and blocks for you to interlink and flow between. There are 3 different sized mini ramps so one can hone in their ramp riding skills at different levels.

Insider Tips
Mount Hawke is best reached by car due to its location. The park is situated outside of Mount Hawke village, so follow the road signposted Perranporth and then look out for the sign ‘Mount Hawke Skatepark’ on your right.  School holidays can see an influx of holiday makers clogging up the ramps and rails so try to avoid these times. During the week is often the best time to go. Be sure to check out the website for events and competitions at the park. The park also offers an excellent BMX section. There is also an area to hang out in and a well-stocked skate shop that has some of the coolest skate shoes in England!

The Unit Skatepark – Launceston
Not as big as Mount Hawke, but definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. Located in Launceston (20-30 miles north east of MH) this indoor wood park has been one of my favourites for quite some time now.

The transitions, and general build quality of the ramps, are superb. There is an excellent half pipe ramp that has different levels and is super smooth. The park flows well and allows you to create numerous lines across the park utilising the ramps, rails, banks and boxes.

Insider Tips
The park offers a number of facilities, including a pro shop, chill zone, refreshments and even a parent zone.  There are also courses in skating and scootering instructed by professionals to help you improve your skills. Skaters should note that the park can get overrun by scooters at times, so a weekday visit during term-time is best. The park is easy to find and can be accessed via train, bus or car. Head to Launceston.  The park is open 6 days a week. Take advantage of week days and mornings for fewer crowds. Again, being Cornwall, the school holidays can see an influx of visitors. Check out for special offers, such as free coaching lessons.

Cornwall is full of skate spots if you look in the correct place. As you are most likely aware, not everyone appreciates street skating, therefore I will not name anywhere directly. But, if one searches around the town of Newquay, there are a number of different spots that are perfect for the dedicated rider. Cornwall can be accessed by train, or bus,

Written by Ben at Nucleus skate shop, who also sell Skullcandy headphones.

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