City Break Guide to Edinburgh

A city break in Edinburgh would almost certainly lead you to historic palaces and houses which are magnificently built and have an exemplary architectural touch. This palaces and houses include the homes of Scotland’s oldest families and the home of Mary queen of scots.You can also see art galleries which Contain arts from artists from the early renaissance. A city break wouldn’t be complete without you visiting the ancient churches and cathedrals which are built using Gothic architecture and appear in most ancient set high budget movies.

A city break in Edinburgh wouldn’t be satisfying without watching the Tri nations which is a highly charged, adrenaline filled rugby tournament at the Murray field stadium that also hosts other action filled rugby action. Another event you cannot afford to miss is the Edinburgh military tattoo that is held every august and comprises the best military drummers, pippers and bands showcasing their skills to the entire world. You can also go treasure hunting in the winter festival or attend the ceilidh culture which showcases best art and storytellers and has the best workshops and concerts for the whole family.

There is no lack of fun if you have kids; it’s an all around fun filled affair in Edinburgh. You can visit the zoo and feed the rarest wildlife globally, the panda or you can take a loyal day out and visit the residence of her majesty and admire the palace of holyroodhouse while also discovering all of Scotland’s glittering crown jewels’ at the castle in Edinburgh. Not only this, there are other fascinating attractions in exploring the Lothian’s and discovering their colorful past in their magnificent underground passages. A family day out wouldn’t be complete before visiting one of many Edinburgh’s gardens. Ranging to the royal botanic garden to orienting at becraings they are a sight to with hold.

The most famous trail in the world is in Scotland and specifically Edinburgh; you can explore this intriguing trail that is named after a famous monarch who had a short life blighted by love, betrayal and murder. Edinburgh is vastly rich in industries and you can experience this firsthand by visiting some of the most famous ones like that of whisky and tartan. Most history of aviation is in Edinburgh and you can spend the day going down zip wires, admiring the Concorde or even watching thousands of beautiful birds. A city break cannot be complete without going shopping in the heart of Edinburgh, where there are authentic Scottish wares or even accessories and local products.

Edinburgh is always alive with stories of ghost and it’s the best place to experience the mysterious underworld. It also has a lot of restaurants that offer foods ranging from traditional foods to international cuisines and has a lot of thriving food and drinking festivals. With different preference in beers, most Edinburgh bars offer wide ranges of this to ensure total satisfaction for you.

If sightseeing isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of beauty salons in Edinburgh where you can get pampered with manicures¬†and get your hair done, or for an ultimate relaxing break why not look for a spa in Edinburgh to sit back and chill to get away from the worries of work?


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