Why visit Kent?

May 22, 12 Why visit Kent?

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Kent, situated in the South East of the UK, is known as the Garden of England due to its abundance of orchards and hop farms. Kent is home to some wonderful attractions, from zoos and hop farms to ancient churches and parks. There really is something for everyone, so why not visit this beautiful county? Kent makes the perfect...

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Historical Things to See and Do in Edinburgh

Set against a backdrop of hills, crags and rocky cliffs that overlook the North Sea, Edinburgh is one of Europe’s most awe-inspiring cities. Intertwined buildings, monuments and landscapes inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to proclaim Edinburgh “a dream in masonry and living rock.” The city has an opulent mix of historical...

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Weekend Breaks in Manchester

May 21, 12 Weekend Breaks in Manchester

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If you are looking for the ideal city for a weekend break, why not try Manchester? With plenty of exciting attractions, interesting architecture and historical sites as well as good dining and shopping choices, Manchester presents an attractive spot for an enjoyable weekend away. Check out the following things to see and do in...

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Top UK Camping Hotspots

May 14, 12 Top UK Camping Hotspots

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Camping is an age old Brit favourite – there’s nothing better than getting away for a few days with nothing but a backpack full of supplies, a tent and a sleeping bag; leaving all the modern technology behind and going back to basics. There are literally thousands of campsites throughout the UK to enjoy, but if...

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Things for Kids to do in London

May 10, 12 Things for Kids to do in London

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If you want to get away for a few days, but don’t want to go abroad, of the best places to visit is London. London is one of the most popular places in the world because of its beautiful place, plus it offers a lot of free London attractions for the entire family to enjoy, most especially the kids. A holiday or mini break in...

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Strange Museums of London

May 09, 12 Strange Museums of London

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London has many things to see and do, including some very different and bizarre museums, most of which are related to the history of London. These museums exist only because they exhibit information on topics of great interest to both Londoners and visiting tourists. Starting right out is a museum you are not likely to forget....

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