The Irish Craic

Whilst I love to visit far-flung places, it’s always good to visit some of those gems a little closer to home. One place that has become hugely popular, with good reason, is Dublin. Almost like a home away from home, Dublin feels familiar, possibly down to the friendly locals, yet for me, Ireland’s capital is truly a destination...

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Don’t Like Britain? Try Tenerife Instead!

While I’m trying to preach that Britain is the best place since sliced bread, some people just can’t stand being here longer than they have to and love to get abroad for a few weeks rather than staying at home. I invite people on the write for us page to rant, rave and criticize Britain as there are two sides to every...

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Beautiful Devon and Cornwall: Hiking, Surfing and camping with the Family

May 31, 12 Beautiful Devon and Cornwall: Hiking, Surfing and camping with the Family

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There is nowhere better to escape into the wilds in the United Kingdom than in beautiful Cornwall and Devon. Cornwall offers adventurers a 431-kilometre long coastline to find the perfect place to camp, hike, and surf. Devon also provides travellers with the opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the United Kingdom, be it from...

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Edinburgh Royal Mile

Visitors that choose to escape to a hotel in Edinburgh can join the wonderful experience of getting lost on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. This popular street is often referred to as the Royal Mile. The Royal mile runs from the Holyrood Palace all the way to the Edinburgh Castle. Toruists can map their date when visiting...

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Why visit Kent?

May 22, 12 Why visit Kent?

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Kent, situated in the South East of the UK, is known as the Garden of England due to its abundance of orchards and hop farms. Kent is home to some wonderful attractions, from zoos and hop farms to ancient churches and parks. There really is something for everyone, so why not visit this beautiful county? Kent makes the perfect...

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Historical Things to See and Do in Edinburgh

Set against a backdrop of hills, crags and rocky cliffs that overlook the North Sea, Edinburgh is one of Europe’s most awe-inspiring cities. Intertwined buildings, monuments and landscapes inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to proclaim Edinburgh “a dream in masonry and living rock.” The city has an opulent mix of historical...

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