What to Do in London’s Boroughs

Oct 10, 12 What to Do in London’s Boroughs

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Whoever wants to cross the channel to see one of the cultural capitals of Europe and even the world, you should visit one of London’s boroughs! This does not include the London Eye or Big Ben, but rather, the true spirit of the city. London is not only the capital of England, and one of the largest and most influential...

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10 Reasons to Retire Overseas

Oct 01, 12 10 Reasons to Retire Overseas

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When it comes to enjoying the golden years of retirement packing a suitcase and heading off somewhere abroad can seem mighty appealing. There are thousands of expats living out their retirement outside the UK and we’ve put together ten reasons to convince you to do the same. Weather – It will come as no surprise that...

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Host Your Own Olympics

Sep 26, 12 Host Your Own Olympics

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Beat the Blues and Host your own Olympics It’s been a British Summer of epic proportions. No-one denies it. However, despite the fact that the coverage has ended, the ceremonies have closed and the flame has been extinguished, none of us are quite ready to mourn the end of this summer yet. The best way to stave off post-Olympic...

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Affordable Luxury of a UK Holiday Home

Sep 23, 12 Affordable Luxury of a UK Holiday Home

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There’s nothing more special than spending quality time with your family. Creating memories in beautiful places, you will cherish these times together forever. This is just one of the many reasons why a UK holiday home is priceless. Popping to your home from home whenever you need a break; enjoying a glass of wine with the sea...

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Discovering the Yorkshire Dales

Sep 17, 12 Discovering the Yorkshire Dales

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Situated within the boundaries of historic Yorkshire, the Dales (as they are commonly known) are an iconic and impressive display of British scenery that covers 680 square miles (1,762 square kilometres). Lying between the Pennines and the Lake District, this entire area of the English North is dominated by striking landscapes that...

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Tourist’s Guide to Chester

Jul 30, 12 Tourist’s Guide to Chester

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The very attractive, historic town of Chester in the United Kingdom, is situated on the River Dee, in the county of Cheshire. Steeped in Roman history, the town has a number of historical sites from that era, such as the amphitheater, and the ancient walls that surround the city center. However, despite the fact that some sections...

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