Food and Drink Festivals of Britain

Feb 21, 12 Food and Drink Festivals of Britain

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Food and drink festival of Britain are also very much inspired by its traditions and culture, therefore involving a large number of old dishes and ingredients in their foods. The food festivals are meant to keep the citizens entertained and drag the tourist towards the city.  Check out our guide to some of the best food and drink...

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Things to do in the historic city of Bath

Feb 21, 12 Things to do in the historic city of Bath

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Visiting Bath is an unforgettable experience with its blend of incredible attractions, chopping, architecture and history. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has some of the best architectural marvels, 17 museums and sites in Europe. With so many sites to see and things to do in Bath, there will never be a dull moment. The Romans...

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Ghost Tours of York

Feb 18, 12 Ghost Tours of York

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Who says you can only have fun during Halloween? Put yourself to the test and frighten your way to fun and adventure by visiting York in England. The “ghost tour” is a must to experience or your trip here won’t be complete at all!   This article will you a guide on the company or walks that you should not dare miss so you...

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5 Castles of Scotland

Feb 18, 12 5 Castles of Scotland

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Scotland’s castles are a sight to behold, and below is our guide to 5 of the best the country has to offer. 1.      Edinburgh Castle Dare not to miss this one if you plan to go on a castle-hopping mode because this sure is one of Scotland’s prides when it comes to its significance and its fame. Here you will find the...

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Outdoor Activities in Nottingham

Looking for something different to do in Nottingham? Check out our guide to some of the best outdoor activities to do in the city below. There are so many fun activities that you could choose from to break away from the usual fun activities that you have been doing for a long time. I’m not a rural type of person because the city...

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5 Historic sights of Oxford

Feb 18, 12 5 Historic sights of Oxford

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Visiting the South East part of England will lead you to the county of Oxfordshire and it is where you will find Oxford, which is widely known for their prestigious university. This city has been the home of many royalties, distinguished academic people and many historic sights that were built since the 9th century. Prepare to walk...

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