Caravanning in the UK

Caravanning in the UK is one of the greatest ways to see the countryside without blowing too much cash. Ideal for families, couples and single travellers looking to meet new people, a caravan trip can be a simple, low-budget holiday or a luxury vacation with all the latest amenities and creature comforts. Companies like Park Resorts operate sites all over the countries, providing spaces for privately-owned motorhomes as well as used caravans for sale and hire. Here’s our guide to getting started with caravanning in the UK.

One of the first things to consider before buying a caravan is the weight you can tow. Manufacturers refer to the MRO of a caravan, which stands for the Mass in Running Order, and means the unladen weight of a caravan. The Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) is the unladen weight plus the maximum allowable load. This latter piece of jargon is the one you need to remember when matching a caravan to a car. The MTPLM of a caravan must not exceed a car’s kerbweight. As a safe guideline, the caravan’s MTPLM should be no more than 85% of a car’s kerbweight.

Next you should thing about the layout and equiment you need. How many beds do you require? Do you want a shower and chemical toilet or are you planning to stay at facilities that provide them? Gas hobs are essential, but do you need two, three or four burners? What about space and water heaters? How will they be powered? Most caravans use both electric and gas.

Think about whether you really need to buy a new caravan. The benefit with buying new is that you usually get a guarantee of three to five years – sometimes even longer. Used caravans bought from a dealer might be guaranteed for three or six months. For around 10k, you can buy a new family-layout caravan, but you might be able to buy a much higher-spec used model for the same price tag.

Twin or single axles? With twin axles you’ll get greater stability on the road. Single axles are more easily manoeuvred, which can be useful if you need to manually push your caravan onto a pitch. Twin axles are easier to reverse because the response to the car is slower and more precise.

The more you are prepared to spend, the more comfort you’ll get. If you’re prepared to compromise on upholstery and fittings, you can find some real bargains. If you’re prepared to do some interior work yourself you can save a bundle.

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  1. This is so cool, to just buy or hire a caravan and visit the most beautiful places in the whole island! And stay as long as you want, that would be the best adventure ever 🙂

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