Britain’s Best Zoos

Britain`s finest zoos and parks are home to hundred of animals, birds insects and other rare creatures. A visit to a zoo can be fantastic and informative since you get to know different animals and their behaviours. If you are keen and interested in getting close to fascinating wildlife, UK offers the best zoos for you to spend a day watching different animals.

You don’t have to spend a few years saving thousands of pounds to go on a safari to see exotic animals, leave your wildlife camera and Bear Grylls Knife at home and check out some of the great zoos, sanctuarys and safari parks right here in Britain where you can enjoy seeing all kinds of different creatures:

(1). Longleat safari & adventure park.

The Longleat safari & adventure park is located between Bath and Salisbury and is distinctive as the oldest safari park in the UK. The park started in 1966 as the first one of its kind outside Africa. It was first reserved for lions, but over the years it has grown to accomodate llamas and parrots.

It is open to the public from February to November to all interested in seeing the animals. Adults are charged £26 per ticket a day, £18.50 for children at 14yrs of age, and those over 60 are charged £21. They also provide money saving tickets to visitors. A visit to the zoo also gives you the opportunity to go for fairground rides and feed animals.

Seals at Longleat Safari Park

(2). The Bristol zoo.

Bristol zoo is far the oldest zoological park in UK. The zoo has more than 400 different creatures that you can see. It has nine covered houses such that when the weather is not favourable you still have the chance to see other creatures. The Bug World is the most popular enclosures where you can see spiders and locusts.

Adults pay an entry fee of £14 and for those three to fourteen years old the fee is £8.50. The zoo is situated in Clifton in the region of Bristol.

(3). The London zoo.

The zoo is based in Regentss park, and it is a home to more than 720 species of creatures such as flamingos and komodo dragons. The doors of the zoo are opened every day of the year expect on the christmas day. The admission fee varies depending on the time of visit. The whole of August and weekends between April to September are considered as peak season and charges are usually £19.50 for adults and £15.60 for kids.

(4). Chester zoo.

It is claimed that Chester zoo receives many visitors yearly so when you visit the zoo you are sure of a company. The zoo is located in Cheshire, and it homes more that 400 species of animals with some of the most endangered species found in the zoo. It has the largest orangutan exhibit and the biggest butterfly house in England. The gaboon viper, which is the snake with the longest fangs, is found in the zoo.

Chester Zoo has it’s own Giraffe area

Admission charges in the peak season is £17 for adults and £13 for children. Between September and August the charges drop to £16 and £11.

(5). Knowsley safari park.

In Knowsley safari park, you have a change to drive your vehicle and view many different animals. Monkey jungle zone is a fascinating place to see baboons. There is a Bug house where you have a chance to see cockroaches and ants. There are also different amphibians and reptiles available in the park. Adults pay an entry fee of £15 while children pay £11.

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