Britain’s Best Beaches

Britain is packed to the hilt with many beautiful, pristine white sand beaches among the famous white walls of Britain which are a common sight in many movies. The entire country has a series of beaches and bays which are extremely popular with travelers as well as residents. As such, there are various different kinds of beaches which follow different rules and regulations (Yes, we are referring to Nudist Beaches!) and so it is advisable for people to know the kind of beach they want to visit and the type of facilities they would like around. Shrouded with the traditional English weather, on the days that the sun shines, these beaches offer the most glamorous picture of the glory and the power of this nation and its culture, tradition and history.

Some of the best beaches in Britain include:

Saunton Sands– Situated in North Devon, this beach is home to a variety of water-sporting activities during the summer Atlantic Water-sports Games. There is also the attraction of Braunton Burrows which is situated just behind the beach and is the nation’ largest sand-dune systems.

Pentle Bay, Tresco– Situated in the Isles of Scilly, this beach is known for its absolutely marvelous weather and flawless white sand bars along the turquoise blue ocean, which exudes a very tropical charm throughout the place. It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Britain.

Blackpool Sands– Located in Devon, this beach is perfect for families because of its very safe waters and extremely friendly environments.

Compton Bay– located on the Isle of Wight, Compton Bay beach offers people more than just an ordinary beach experience. It is home to various unique activities such as fossil walks, which entail walking along the face of the wall trying to spot fossils across the beach. Needless to say it always figures on any list of the best beaches in Britain.

Botany bay– Located in Kent: this is not exactly a beach per se but a bay which is extremely breathtaking in its beauty. Complete with white cliffs in the background, white sand which strikes against the ocean at every step, the beach is one of the most beautiful.

Sandsend– Located in Yorkshire, the beach is extremely striking because of its contrasting terrains. Surrounded by grassy hills, the white stretch of sand is very popular with local children because of its safety and beauty, making it one of the best beaches in Britain.

Studland Bay: Situated in Dorset, Studland Bay is curiously beautiful and striking because of its four mile stretch of white sand against milky waters on one side and dunes and heathlands on the other. Extremely vast and fantastic, the beach exudes all the sophistication and beauty of the old world English Charm.
These are some of the best beaches in Britain, however there are many more open for exploration. The country is surrounded on all sides by water which means that the beaches and bays are plentiful in number. With bold and striking contrasts of terrain on most of these beaches, people find it extremely enthralling these beaches.

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